“Reporters without borders” declared the inconsistency of the evidence in the case of Sheremet

"Репортеры без границ" заявили о несоответствии доказательств в деле Шеремета

“Reporters…” is concerned about the progress of the investigation

International non-governmental organisation protection of human rights in the sphere of freedom of speech “reporters without borders” (RSF) is concerned about the inconsistencies in the evidence linking the detainees to the murder of the journalist Pavel Sheremet in 2016. This is stated in the statement published on the RSF website.

“Reporters…”urge the Ukrainian authorities to continue the investigation and that it was “more transparent”.

As indicated in the statement on the organization’s website, the police arrested five suspects, veterans of the war in the Eastern part of Donbass, but the conclusion about the involvement of these people to the murder of a journalist in RSF considered controversial.

“The statement about the resolution of the case based on four conflicting expert opinions, and the Prosecutor’s office refuses to provide all available evidence. The main suspect has filed a complaint against the President and the Minister of internal Affairs, there were attempts to pressure and blackmail of certain witnesses, and now a series of revelations over the past few days more of doubt in the investigation”.

As evidence of contradictions “reporters…” lead the publications thebabel.net that analysis of video recordings, said that the height of a man, who laid a bomb under the car Sheremet, was about 170 cm, and the woman with him is about 165 cm, However, the lawyer of the main suspect, Andrei Antonenko, said that the growth Antonenko is 180 centimeters.

Also “reporters without borders” are the words of the editor Slidstvo.info Anna Babinets, who said that “the evidence presented for the prosecution, was not strong”.

Also, RSF does not miss the fact that former colleagues Sheremet in the edition “Ukrainian truth”, said of his shock after the presentation of the attorney General and the Minister of internal Affairs, which stated that for the volunteers and participants of military operations on Donbass the motive for the murder Sheremet was “to destabilize the country.” Journalists said that this makes no sense. Still, the police assumed that the murder Sheremet was reprisal for his journalistic activities.

“We need to know the truth about the murder of Pavel Sheremet… We call for greater transparency on the part of Ukrainian authorities in this investigation, which gives the opportunity to really begin the fight against impunity, and which should be identified and brought to justice not only the perpetrators, but also customers,” said “reporters…”.

They added that interior Minister of Ukraine was a strong political motive for the completion of the investigation, since the task was assigned by President Vladimir Zelensky.

RSF also recalled that the us diplomat to Ukraine William Taylor said: “Even the judges seem to doubt the veracity of his conclusions.”