Representatives of the Foundation in 105-m district use of rigging, pressure and threats

Представители Ахметова в 105-м округе используют фальсификации, давление и угрозы

Large-scale fraud, bribery, threats, intimidation of voters in the 105th constituency – it’s all done in the interests of the representatives of the holding company of Rinat Akhmetov, nominated by the party “Opposition bloc” and working in Kyiv DTEK.

This is stated in the statement “the Opposition platform For life”:

“United mutual responsibility, the Bloc of Petro Poroshenko, “popular front”, “Samopomich” and “the Opposition bloc” to ensure fraud the night of the count were replaced four members of the election Commission. Two of them are employees of DTEK companies owned by Rinat Akhmetov. A more obvious demonstration of the five-year cooperation with Akhmetov, Poroshenko and Yatsenyuk and not think!

Because of this, as well as rigging the district election Commission, fighting for “drawing” the victory of the representative of the Opposition bloc, failed to establish the falsified record: despite the fact that “the Opposition platform of Pro – life” in the district supported 56,5% of voters and the Opposition bloc – only 7.71%, the election Commission members representing the Union of the forces of the “war party” and Rinat Akhmetov, all the forces fighting for the implementation of the political order.

To ensure victory of their candidate, the representatives of Akhmetov and his companies go to the most cynical pressure. The members of the election commissions, many of whom work in the company of DTEK TPP city Happiness, was threatened with dismissal for refusing to participate in the process of manipulation of election results. The members of the election Commission, not wishing to participate in the fraud, are directly threatened and dismissed, and complaints that are submitted by the members of our political force will not be considered. The counterfeiters resort to forgery.

Moreover, with the purpose of intimidation of local people with loss of jobs and damage from the collapse of the infrastructure, the representatives of the TPP spread information that the station will be stopped.

“The opposition platform of Pro – life” States: defending the right of Ukrainians to free and fair voting, we will seek under the act criminal liability for such members of the electoral Commission, as Chernichkin Nicholas D. and others; for the leadership of the TPP, which is used by the company to blackmail citizens. As for political responsibility, “the Opposition bloc”, carrying out all orders of the “war party”, who spoke and continue to speak out against the interests of the residents of Donbass, it has already suffered – he refused to trust the citizens of Ukraine, without conceding in BP”.