Representing Zelensky danyluk advised Poroshenko in the conflict with Kolomoisky “not touching state”

Представляющий Зеленского Данилюк порекомендовал Порошенко в конфликте с Коломойским "не трогать государство"

Running for a second term to the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko should sort out the relationship with businessman Igor Kolomoisky without the involvement of the state. Such opinion the representative of the candidate, showman Vladimir Zelensky, a former Finance Minister Alexander Danilyuk expressed in the April 15 broadcast of ICTV channel, which was attended by the head of state.

During the program devoted to the presidential election, we are talking about nationalization “PrivatBank”, his former co-owner of Kolomoisky and courts around the Bank. Poroshenko, in particular, rebuked the staff Zelensky, that it involved the lawyer Kolomoisky Andrei Bogdan.

“I believe that the question of “PrivatBank” Kolomoisky accused now, someone else is there, leave it between you. That’s it: the state is the state. The names of Poroshenko, Kolomoisky, – sort it out yourself in any courts, you will have the opportunity. No need to cling to the state,” said danyluk.

His words were met with applause.

PrivatBank – the largest commercial Bank in Ukraine was nationalized on 19 December 2016.

In February 2019 Kolomoisky and company Triantal Investments Ltd appealed against the nationalization of the Economic court of Kiev.

Kolomoisky said that after the election of the President of Ukraine hopes to receive compensation in connection with the nationalization of “PrivatBank” “in one form or another”. According to the businessman, he’s not going to return Bank property. “But there was $2 billion of capital. Let return – no questions”, – said Kolomoisky.

Former head of the National Bank of Ukraine Valeria Gontareva called the words of the businessman “complete nonsense”.