“Rescue woods”: Apple gets rid of the iPhone X because of the high radiation level

«Спасатель леса»: Apple избавляется от iPhone X из-за высокого уровня излучения

The German Federal service for protection against radiation, called the smartphones with the highest radiation level.

For anybody not a secret, every gadget has a certain level of radiation waves that adversely affect human health. The study was undertaken among the most popular models of smartphone in the markets of sales in 2018. And while the first position occupied model, the average pricing policy, such as Xiaomi Mi A1, 5T OnePlus and Xiaomi Mi 3 Max, high step took the model one of the most well-known companies in the technology market – iPhone X. the radiation Level smartphone reaches of 1.32 W/kg. In connection with the recent rumors of withdrawing the successful model of production, there is a perception that Apple intentionally gets rid of the iPhone X, knowing the level of dangerous radiation, taking on the role of a certain “rescuer of the forest.”

Not surprising, because, over the past year the level of smartphone sales grew to record levels. Only in Russia for 2018 has sold about 4 million iPhones with a total value of 162 billion. By the way, the permissible radiation norm for smartphones is considered to be 1.6 W/kg. However, to minimize the negative radiation scientists recommend less use of gadget and, if possible, to remove the smartphone away from yourself.