Rescuers continue work at the scene of the fire in Odessa

Спасатели продолжают работы на месте пожара в Одессе

Rescue and other urgent works in the territory of the Odessa College of Economics, law and hotel and restaurant business, where 4 Dec broke out a large-scale fire are continuing.

About it reports gschs.

“Carried the disassembled upper part of the building, the expert group conducted measurements of levels of vibrations of the building and its stability, removed the structural elements of the arched passage and provided passage to the inner courtyard, cleared the courtyard of the College from the parked transport and building structures, a FAUN mobile crane (with a reach of 65 m), continues the analysis of structures in the basement,” – said in the message.

As noted, only taken out of 752 cubic meters of building structures. The work involved 266 people and 42 units of technics, from them from SSES – 106 employees and 10 machines.

It is also reported that the fire, 31 people were injured, nine of them remain in the hospital. The fate of ten people is still unknown.