Rescuers opened a temporary emergency post in Saki district

Спасатели открыли временный аварийно-спасательный пост в Сакском районе

In the Cozy village of Saksky area was opened by the temporary rescue post “Crimea-Saved”. About it reports a press-service Ministry of emergency situations of Kazakhstan.

The presence of the post to reduce the time emergency water nature from 1 hour 30 minutes to 30-40 minutes. During this time the vessel Evpatoria rescuers can pass on the water surface with a beach area Outerscope village Council to the post of GAI located at the entrance to Evpatoria.

Duty in the post will be carried out by employees of Eupatorium rescue squad (ASO) and volunteers.

“Carrying out daily patrols of the waters from this point, covered the beaches of the Saksky district, municipality Yevpatoria and Saki. Daily patrols involved the staff of the duty shift Evpatoria ASO in the amount of three or four people, and on weekends to patrol involved one or two squad members Rossoyuzspas. The post will be installed to the end of October”, – stated in the message of press-service.

On arms of rescuers will always be two kinds of boats: rowing boat and a motorboat. Post is equipped with all necessary equipment for rescue of people on water: tips Alexandrov, diving equipment and other devices.

It is noted that along the coast of the Saksky area are very much unorganized tourists. These places are very popular with the Crimean people. People come, become tent camps, despite signs prohibiting swimming.

Head of the Yevpatoriya ASO Maxim Rasevic noted that the permanent post will largely make it easier for rescuers to exercise control in the area of responsibility and reduce the time of arrival of rescuers to the scene.