Rescuers told of the accident at the coke plant

Спасатели рассказали подробности аварии на коксохимическом заводе

Head of sector media relations and public relations GU gschs of Ukraine in Dnipropetrovsk region Daria grechishev reported that

She told about it at a press conference in the news Agency “BRIDGE-DNEPR”.

“On January 29 at 3:30 in Service of rescue “101” the message arrived that in one of the shops “Dnipro coke plant” in the town of Kamenskoye, an explosion occurred. As a result of the vapor explosion of a carbon resin mixture was injured 5 people the company’s employees. People were hospitalized in the emergency hospital in a serious condition.

Also as a result of explosion of gas-air mixture the fire started in the area of 200 sq. m. Was sent to 13 fire-rescue vehicles and 44 personnel. 4:07 the fire was completely extinguished. The fire area had 200 sq. m. Rescuers spent about a collapse of structures as a result of incident, collapsed on an area of 500 sq. m.

Now continue work on the account determine the exact magnitude of the accident. At 6:00, the incident was eliminated.

The victims are treated.

The reasons of this accident do GU Gastrula in the Dnipropetrovsk region, law Enforcement agencies and the Commission of the enterprise”, – she said.