Researchers have found a solution to one of the main problems with virtual reality

Исследователи нашли решение одной из главных проблем виртуальной реальности

Исследователи нашли решение одной из главных проблем виртуальной реальности

A few years ago virtual reality was constantly on the ear, but now the excitement around this technology began to decline. Among the main reasons for the lack of quality VR content and technical features, causing many people the so-called cyberbulling.

Users simply swayed, and they have a headache. American researchers have developed a set of tools that allow you to forget about the discomfort.

How did you approach cyberpresse

A set of tools called GingerVR was created with Unity programmers from the University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA). According to the developers, their solution allows you to reduce the pain or even to eliminate them completely. They believe that this will finally solve the problem of cyberpresse in the future.

“Cyberbulling” is a threat to users of virtual reality that could potentially make a huge impact on the VR industry. Negative symptoms faced by the user that can reduce the performance of the person, to restrict education and to prevent the adoption of decisions.

According to researchers, up to 50% of all people affected by this problem. Some eventually are able to get used to, while other pain is so strong that they remove the headset after a few seconds of use.

A set of tools GingerVR got its name in honor of the plants, which helps get rid of nausea. The programmers declare that the method implements 8 different scenarios of reduction of cyberpresse. All are easy to integrate into existing solutions and do not cause conflicts.

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