Residents blocked the village in the Luhansk region once again unable to travel outside of the village

Жители заблокированного села на Луганщине вновь могут выехать за пределы населенного пункта

Residents of the village of sandy can now leave their village. It is reported by the Monitoring mission of the UN on human rights in Ukraine on his Facebook page.

According to the mission, more recently, thirty of the inhabitants of the isolated village of sandy could not leave the village. And now they exercise their right to freedom of movement.

“On March 27, trying to leave the village in order to make purchases and to obtain social benefits, several residents of the village of sandy, in Stanichno-Lugansk district (territory controlled by the government) was without explanation stopped at a checkpoint by members of the Armed forces of Ukraine. They only said that these restrictions do not apply to flash COVID-19 and are temporary. On March 30, after we were approached by a public organization, Vostok SOS, we talked to local residents and contacted the group of Civil military cooperation – CIMIC Operations of the joint forces. Thanks to the intervention of the latter, the residents of Sandy are now free to pass this checkpoint, through which passes the only road to the village”, – is spoken in the message.