Resignation noted: to leave, to return

Отставка Пашиняна: уйти, чтобы вернуться

REUTERS/Hayk Baghdasaryan/Photolure

The President of Armenia Armen Sargsyan accepted the resignation of Prime Minister Nikola Pashinian, who will continue to serve as the acting head of the government until the election by Parliament of a new Prime Minister.

Nikol Pashinyan expects that this will be Prime Minister again, he said: “the Purpose of this resignation is not to leave the post of Prime Minister, getting rid of the authority vested in me, and to finish up our non-violent velvet revolution, after early parliamentary elections and returning power to the people”.

According to the latest opinion polls and the results of the local elections in Yerevan, Pashinyan-led electoral parties “step” will prevail in early elections.

In the current Parliament, elected in April 2017, the supporters noted there is no majority. Within 15 days after the resignation of the Prime Minister, the National Assembly has twice not to elect a new head of government, what is required for the dissolution of Parliament and appointment of new elections. Supposedly, early elections will be held until December 10.

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