Respawn explained why in Apex Legends no permanent solo mode

Respawn объяснила, почему в Apex Legends нет постоянного соло-режима

Initially Apex Legends designed for teams of three, and with 7 APR in game mode for duets – you only have to enter solo-mode! However, Respawn Entertainment has no plans to add it in the near future.

In honor of the launch of the event “the Old ways”, the authors published a list of changes, where he devoted a few lines to the regime for singles. He briefly appeared in a shooter in August, and, according to the team, the experiment was unsuccessful:

When last year we presented a Solo as a time? modern mode, we saw that it had a negative impact on the game, especially in terms of retaining new users. In addition, we have created legends and their ability to work in a team and complement each other, and in a solo mode, some legends become useless. We are still exploring ways to implement a single game, but in the meantime grab a friend (or two) and landed in the arena.

In the description of the update also mentioned the following balancing changes:

  • New passive skill Laflin – she can get loot from the hidden offices of the blue containers.
  • Revenant was too weak and therefore received a number of boosters – the ability to “Silence” now has two charges and disables a shield of Gibraltar, and “totem of death” resurrects a character with the same amount of health he had when you activate the totem (maximum 50 units).
  • Have pumped the EVO-armor reduced the amount of damage you need to get to go to a new level of quality.
  • Portals Rafe disappear after four seconds, as soon as the entrance and exit are outside the circle. Thus, users will not be able to constantly move between the portals, avoiding damage from the deadly zone.