Response to a sharp pitch: the United States decided to punish Russia

Ответ на резкий шаг: США решили проучить Россию

U.S. Ambassador to NATO Kay Bailey Hutchison has warned Russia that the United States will destroy the Russian system is prohibited cruise missiles before they are used. Washington believes that Russia is violating the Treaty on the elimination of intermediate and short range, developing a system of ground-based, which will allow lightning to strike in Europe a nuclear attack. The United States threaten to destroy the missile that is a threat to someone from the allied countries. To comment on the ultimatum of “Apostrophe” asked a military expert Alexey Arestovich.

Since Hutchison – Ambassador to NATO, this statement was of a soothing nature to the allies. The US had in mind that will destroy Russian missiles if they will be applied. We are talking about the missile defense system, and not something that the United States will begin to strike at the places of storage of these missiles. Immediately remove the issue of some military or armed conflict between the United States and Russia for this reason.

After all, how can you destroy the missiles that are in service in the Russian Federation? I think, I mean that the US is capable of destroying missiles with the threat of the use, the transition to fighting. Because how to do it otherwise? If Russia does not want to destroy the missiles that the United States will do? Nothing. To strike at the depots is too much.

It’s about the Agreement on liquidation of rockets of average and small range, which was signed in 1987 and provided for the destruction of weapons that made the very tense situation in Europe and the world. The missiles operational and strategic assignments with a range of up to 5,5 thousand kilometers. They began to destroy them and even reported that allegedly destroyed. And then it turned out that Russia voluntarily withdrew from the Treaty and violated one of the main documents in the sphere of strategic offensive weapons, which is a sharp move from the point of view of international law and extremely unfriendly step against another state signatory.

And this is not the first Treaty, which Russia has violated. Therefore, the United States, apparently decided that enough and that Russia, probably, it is necessary to teach. And generally to act systemically for this reason. Consistency is that they are likely to impose additional sanctions against Russia for the violation of this agreement.

I think that the Treaty will not survive, because Russia is escalating and deliberately broke it. And these violations are quite invested in its policies. I don’t think the observance by Russia of the agreement is possible without a radical change in the policy of Russia in the result, for example, addressing Putin.