Responsibility for the arson of the car of the head of Nikolaev “Nazarus” took over the Odessa organization of the V. G. O. (VIDEO)

Ответственность за поджог машины главы николаевского "Нацкорпуса" взяла на себя одесская организация V.G.O. (ВИДЕО)

Odessa separatists included in the so-called organization of the V. G. O. (the Free town of Odessa), said that the car of the head of Nikolaev “Nazarus” Dennis Amber lit they.

“Activists of the liberation movement of Lenposelok now part of the organization “Free Odessa City. In a sign of solidarity with the VGO, they burned the car of the Chairman of the regional organization of party “national corpus” Dennis Amber in Nikolaev. Thus, the grouping of VGO makes it clear that the strength of the liberation movement extends far beyond Odessa region and is present on the black sea coast”, – stated in the G. O. V. channel in Youtube.

The video, recorded in an abandoned building, four men with covered faces and guns in their hands.