Restless Sedokova surprised fans ragged top

Неугомонная Седокова удивила фанатов рваным топом

37-year-old singer Anna Sedokova made a stir in the network by their appearance and determination with training of women on sexuality.

Reports hottie published the new photo in his Instagram, stating that have invented a system of “I am the woman I want”, which, according to Anna, to help the fairer sex to become more sensitive and desirable.

In the photo the singer appeared in a post-apocalyptic way: the top of the neckline to the very spicy place, the unusual cut pants with chains, backpack with strips of cloth fluttering in the wind, and ankle boots with high heels. Curly Anna in round sunglasses froze in step.

“We choose only for yourself. To go to new life or to live every day under the old scheme. I bravely stepped forward. Their girls in the first year gendirektorata I call sisters. In these few days we have changed and have changed their lives. Femininity, sexuality, the lack of endless introspection and awareness is what comes to my girls,” shared the singer, urging ladies to join her.

Users eagerly rushed to discuss Sedokova the new “guru”:

Неугомонная Седокова удивила фанатов рваным топом