Restored the chronology of the accident at the AU-31 “Losharik”

Восстановлена хронология аварии на АС-31 «Лошарик»

A fire at a nuclear deep-water station as-31 “Losharik” could occur from-for short circuit in one of the switchboards. About it reports “Kommersant” with reference to close to detachment of submarine source.

According to the interlocutor of the edition, accident happened on Monday, July 1, around 9 PM. Because of the circuit lit up the braided cables and transformer oil, and the ventilation system carried the smoke appeared on the Bay. The closure has led to such consequences due to the large amperage (up to 1000 amps), which is used in some devices on the boat.

An hour earlier at the station there was a shift change: officers who have completed a tour of duty went to relax in the HAB. The source suggests that vacationing divers are not able to use the portable breathing apparatus and inhalation of toxic combustion products. According to him, for smoke inhalation from the burning cable braid with just a few breaths.

Charter officers are required to keep individual device with oxygen which allows you to stay in a smoky room for about 20 minutes. During this time, divers can reach a stationary breathing plants and get fresh air from the spare cylinders. Sailors have used any of these systems.

The change from five people, who took on the watch for an hour before the accident, managed to survive. They were able to stop the spread of fire and raise the al-31 on the surface. According to the source, the station was at a depth of about two hundred meters. The ascent took about ten minutes, but during that time the rest of the crew had poisoned with burning products.

Exact causes of accident will be established after investigative actions and examinations aboard the station, as well as interviewing survivors submariners. According to sources, to carry out these procedures is not yet possible, because the unit has the status of a top-secret. Because of this, local investigators can’t get to the station. The investigation will be to conduct operational-investigative group from Moscow, who arrived on 3 July.

According to the materials: