Resuscitation Paint, food delivery drones, and the portraits on the quantum canvas: TOP news stories of the day

Реанимация Paint, доставка еды дронами и портреты на квантовом холсте: ТОП новостей дня

Technology is evolving at an incredible rate and it is not always possible to predict where it will lead. But you can follow in stages over the process.

Therefore, CI Tech has prepared the TOP technology news of the day to keep you informed of all the important and funny news.

Authorities in San Francisco managed to ban the use of face recognition technology

The Supervisory Board of San Francisco has banned city police and other municipal agencies to use facial recognition technology within the city. Earlier there was such a law in the United States, it will enter into force within one month. In the end, the smart camera will only work on objects of Federal significance – in the airport and the seaport, reports the New York Times.

The ban not only the use of the technology itself, but also information obtained from systems in which it is involved. Has long been talking about the dangers of uncontrolled use of the face recognition, but this is the first time when they are so strongly supported by the officials. This decision does not move in the direction antitechnological policy. He supports the rights of the citizens, because face recognition – a unique case of regular violation of the privacy of citizens.

Robot Astrobee cube NASA has completed the first hardware tests in space

NASA a bit closer to a full-fledged robots took care of the spacecraft. The Agency recently completed their first test equipment for Bumble, one of the three robots Astrobee that will explore automated care on Board the International space station.

Robot and one of his companions, Hani flew to the station??April 17. When in operation, robots Astrobee actually become cosmic Roombas. That is, it is checked how well the robots can cope with the daily maintenance and support crew. Ideally, future robots will take care of this hard work so people can focus on more important tasks such as scientific experiments and research. This may help eventually to return to the moon (not to mention trips to Mars), reducing the required number of employees, astronauts, or at least reducing the stress for those of astronauts who make the trip.

Creating miniature copies of works of art on the quantum canvas

To pay tribute to the art can be different. Scientists from Queensland University have reproduced the “Mona Lisa”, “Starry night” by van Gogh, as well as a dozen paintings at the quantum canvas, of a width not more than a human hair. It’s hard to imagine, isn’t it? To implement this idea needed to project images and capture them on a drop of quantum gaseous substances. It is also known as condensate Bose-Einstein. According to Dr. Tyler Nikki out of the Center of advanced technology ARC for the engineering of quantum systems from UQ, initially, “quantum replica” was an interesting side project along with more serious research.

For this procedure, Dr. Neely and his team cooled a gas composed of rubidium atoms to a few billionths of a degree Celsius above absolute zero, which at -273,15 degrees Celsius is the coldest possible temperature. The result is an image, barely visible to the human eye. The size of each pixel it is only about 50 atoms. Researchers believe that these initial images are an impressive demonstration of the quantum of matter as a completely new material for the production of art and even hinted at the creation of a new direction in the culture – “scientific art”.

The delivery service-drone Wing

The company Wing, belonging to the Alphabet holding company, said that in the coming weeks it will begin to deliver food and products in Helsinki, capital of Finland. But to do all be using drones. This was reported in the company blog on Medium platform. Drones represent 14 Wing-rotor drones with the capability of vertical takeoff and landing. The device is designed to expedite the delivery of goods to the client.

In the fall of 2017 was the first test in Australia (then drone delivered food from fast-food and medicines). Similar tests delivery drones will be held in Finland in the near future. The first city to test the company has chosen Helsinki, but rather, a densely populated district of Vuosaari, which on three sides surrounded by water, which makes shipping of goods and food by traditional methods is problematic.

In the context of the service users can order a few ready meals from supermarkets Herkku, as well as food from the restaurant Monami; delivery itself, according to calculations of Wing, will take about ten minutes. During tests, it will be free. The maximum weight of the items – 1.5 kg.

Helsinki on kiinnostava ja toimiva testialusta tulevaisuuden ratkaisuille. T?n??n Vuosaaressa vastaanottamassa Euroopan ensimm?ist? drone-kuljetettua ateriaa!

In Vuosaari, receiving the first ever drone delivered meal in Europe! wing drone myhelsinki vuosaari

– Jan Vapaavuori (@Vapaavuori) 17 may 2019.

Microsoft has updated its Paint

Earlier plans Microsoft had to remove Windows 10 from the Paint. But now the company is not just left him, but still decided to engage in its development. In the may update of Windows 10 will be a slightly updated version of Paint with multiple features for ease of navigation. These innovations are designed for people with physical limitations, which can be difficult to work with the mouse. The arrow buttons move the cursor up, down, left and right, space to select tool, and Ctrl arrow allows you to scroll the canvas with the image. It is not excluded that Microsoft will develop the Paint further, but there is no doubt that a graphic editor must remain the most primitive and easy to learn.