Retired military in Ukraine: what to expect from the state in 2019-2020

Пенсии военным в Украине: чего ждать от государства в 2019-2020 годах

Retired military in Ukraine – will the defenders of the Motherland to live fully in the present conditions? How will it affect the salary of rank and seniority? Consider everything in order.

Pension for Ukrainians very often takes the form of a game of roulette – you never know how long to wait and you’re lucky if at all to get the deserved money. This trouble has not bypassed and the Ukrainian military. If in 2018, through meetings and desires to storm the Cabinet, the security forces managed to force the government to increase pensions, then in 2020 the recalculation of pensions for the military remains a big question.

It is worth noting that in early 2019, the representatives of the Ministry of social policy has announced plans to increase military pensions. In this case, the decision of the District administrative court №826/3858/18 from 12 December 2018 paragraphs 1 and 2 “On recalculation of pensions to persons who were dismissed from military service…” was recognized as “illegal and invalid”.

What remains is to wait for the former military servants and their families? Try to understand.

Who gets a military pension

According to current Ukrainian legislation, to receive a military pension may be those who have previously undergone military service, he worked in the Ministry of internal Affairs, the Ministry of emergency situations, bodies of special communications and InfoSec, as well as those who worked in the Civil defence and organizations that are responsible for criminal enforcement, the police.

Military pensions in 2019 klassificeret on 3 main criteria:

  1. The years of service. The purpose of the payments under this criterion begins in the case, if the person served in the army for a certain period. If we consider the ratio of the allowance (up TO) the groups, the pension is between 50 and 70%.
  2. Disability. Disability payments are assigned only if there is medical evidence of absolute or partial disability. The cash payments ranging from 40 to 100% TO.
  3. The loss of a breadwinner. If the former military remained minor children or dependent persons (e.g. widows), then they are entitled to from 30 to 70% TO.

Statistics: in 2019 “military” pensions receive more than 550 thousand Ukrainians. According to experts, this figure will be pointing up, as on the territory of Ukraine, in connection with the fighting, attracting more and more soldiers.

Will increase pension contributions to soldiers in the 2019-2020 year

To increase the size of pensions for military personnel – the official plan of public figures for 2018, 2019 and 2020, and so far everything is going according to plan. In 2020, the payout will increase by 50%. If we translate the percentages in the specific amount, the average Ukrainian military pension of a pensioner should be “off” at 3000 USD higher from baseline values (100%).

It should take into account the productive work of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine of IX convocation. Many critics are inclined to think that seniors in 2020 will feel real positive changes in the financial plan.

Also, do not forget that in addition to pension benefits, the category of servicemen receives a number of other privileges from the state, which also planned a progressive change. It comes from the benefits. Communal defenders pay only half, the other 50% of the costs borne by the state. Also stipulates that free medical care, including dentures, hospitalization, diagnosis, tests, military retirees receive out of turn. If necessary, representatives of the given category of the population can also out of order to get free housing.

Important: if the deceased soldier was the sole breadwinner of his family, but a misfortune happened during service (as a result of serious injuries, contusions, etc.), the disabled members of the family can freely receive his pension contributions. Terms are as follows:

  • if the retention was only 1 member of the family, then the maximum he can pay 70%;
  • if dependents were several family members, they will pay 90%;
  • if the military was killed during a combat operation, not in the fighting or during military service, the family members can get a minimum financial assistance of 30%.

Widows and children of fallen military – the population of Ukraine, which often promise higher pay. Not spared the succession of promises and 2019, but what will be the situation starting in 2020 depends on several factors:

  • stability (this applies to both economic and military situation in Ukraine);
  • international relations (systematic tranches may cease and the payment of loans to investors has not been canceled);
  • the bills of the new government (you can promise a lot of things, but what will happen in the Parliament of IX convocation, the time will show);
  • rallies, protests, social mood and the struggle for increase of pensions.

It should be noted that in Ukraine have already been held automatic indexing of pensions in the framework of the project on improvement of pension contributions. As the experts assure, in the future, these steps of progress will not stop, especially in the framework of the new pension reform.

Recall that indexing is provided for government mechanism to improve the financial incomes of citizens with the purpose to partially or fully compensate the rise in prices of goods and services.

Forum military pensioners of Ukraine

“The state of the smartphone” is not just the promise of President Vladimir Zelensky Ukrainian people. Era electronics have long been allowed not only youth, but seniors lead an active political life, in particular, to vote for ideas, discuss innovations and participate in scandals and ideological turmoil.

Especially popular in 2019 various forums, where people can Express their opinions and to listen to the arguments of other participants. One such forum is “Pensions and laws,” where people discuss exactly the topic of pensions, in particular for military personnel.

Increase of pensions to military pensioners in winter, 2019 in Ukraine

In addition to “summer” changes Ukrainian government planned to raise the minimum pension in Ukraine in the winter of 2019. This is due to the fact that the “minimum salary” is tied to the system of the subsistence minimum, which is traditionally reviewed twice a year: on 1 July, and 1 Dec. However, according to AMF, this is not all the changes in social payments, which was published by the authorities.

Given the fact that, most likely, the cost of living will grow, and pension minimum salary will be much higher. This applies to military retirees. If at the moment the minimum salary is slightly more than 1.5 thousand hryvnia, then in the winter it is planned that they will be adding another one hundred hryvnia.

Regarding military pensioners, the government announced that from 01.01.2020 their minimum pension will increase by 25%.

Also Pavlo Rozenko said that in March 2020 it is planned to hold the next global automatic recalculation of pensions according to pension reform. He stressed that the increase in March is directly dependent on the state budget in autumn 2019.

It is worth Recalling that in July the average pension in Ukraine amounted to about 3 thousand hryvnia. Leaders pensions are judges. As specialists declare, judges, pensioners were granted a pension 57.8% over the six months. Received judges a little more than 28.7 thousand, and began to 45.3 thousand hryvnia.

Second place in the growth rate of pension payments is disabled. Their “normal” increased by 20.4%. The honourable third place was taken by the children who receive a pension for loss of breadwinner, their “normal” increased by 18%. Age pension increased by 13.6%.

How to calculate retired Ukrainian soldier

Given the fact that Ukraine is in a state of covert war “the aggressor country”, the number of troops in our territory is growing fast. Accordingly, the “military” part of the population begins to wonder about the calculation of pensions: how the count of money, which they counted would be considered military ranks, etc. Some attempt to calculate the pension, given the recent news, the factors of increases and declines. Visit other sources of automatic calculation, for example, a website calculator.

On various forums you can find even issues such of the pensioners as to whether the title to the service “payment parts” in the financial structure of PrivatBank or “why suspended payment feature parts, because I’m retired military,” etc. it Should be noted that the services of commercial installation, whether they are public or private, do not depend on the military status of the client. Whether to grant some privileges to the military or not, it’s the personal attitude of managers of servicemen.

For starters, it is worth noting that military pension really depends on the title, it also has various allowances for years of service. To calculate the pension is not much, because the state of the counting mechanism is extremely difficult to understand ordinary man in the street. So you should still use the calculator for automatic calculation, which can be found on various sites, for example, Like any similar online calculator, this service has its own algorithm, there is a table calculation that will sum up the salaries and charges according to the title. Unfortunately, the widow here to calculate the pension will not work. The way out is to consult a specialist.

What kind of salary you will get employed military pensioners in the 2019-2020 year

Working pensioners can not survive – not to put on the scales work and pensions. As said Pavlo Rozenko, Ukraine is not in the financial state, to a pension could cover all the expenses of the citizens, and completely eliminate the need for further work. Therefore, no restrictions are foreseen.

With the increase of pensions, is equivalent to working military personnel will receive a raise regardless of the salary – salary will not affect the pension of the military person. The mixed system of the earnings of a citizen of Ukraine is almost the only way to live with dignity, even after all allowance is not to cover all basic expenses.

Пенсии военным в Украине: чего ждать от государства в 2019-2020 годах

Пенсии военным в Украине: чего ждать от государства в 2019-2020 годах

Пенсии военным в Украине: чего ждать от государства в 2019-2020 годах

Пенсии военным в Украине: чего ждать от государства в 2019-2020 годах

Пенсии военным в Украине: чего ждать от государства в 2019-2020 годах

Пенсии военным в Украине: чего ждать от государства в 2019-2020 годах

Пенсии военным в Украине: чего ждать от государства в 2019-2020 годах

Пенсии военным в Украине: чего ждать от государства в 2019-2020 годах

Пенсии военным в Украине: чего ждать от государства в 2019-2020 годах