Reva blamed the huge “minimal” seeds and subsidies: who will suffer the most

Рева обвинил огромную "минималку" и отбирает субсидии: кто пострадает больше всего

According to the Minister, the government plans to reduce the size of state aid for housing and utilities, reports “Hvil”.

The Minister Reva said that currently a huge number of households with subsidies to pay a rather small amount compared to total income.

“At the moment households with subsidies pay an average of less than 10% of your gross income that is too low in comparison with European countries”, – said Reva.

The Minister added that the government intends to change the formula for calculating subsidies, and the estimated units in it. According to Reva, such changes will lead to the fact that the income recipient will be more significant in determining the amount of the grant.

“The formula we will not change. But the unit of account, we, of course, change. How? That each family paid at the rate of 12-15% of their income,” said Reva.

In addition, he noted that before the end of this year due to the increase of the minimal salary, the government will revise the conditions for obtaining subsidies.

It is worth Recalling that in Ukraine very soon people will give as much as 10% of their salary to the second pillar pensions. The bill intends to take in 2023.