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Розкрили деталі про наступну приставку Microsoft - Техно 24

It has long been known that the specialists of Advanced Micro Devices are working on hardware for game consoles from Sony and Microsoft. This information is not confirmed by the staff of the “red” chip maker, including the Executive Director of AMD Lisa su.

It is reported by Overclockers.

Unfortunately, both consoles manufacturers are in no hurry to tell you about the hardware component of their new products, forcing them to turn to informal sources. For example, insider Microsoft’s brad sams has shared fresh details about the successor to the Xbox One X, also known as Project Saturn.

The announcement of a new Xbox scheduled for 2020, about the same time Sony needs to show the world the PlayStation 5. The heart of the Microsoft offspring will be a hybrid processor that combines eight x86 cores Zen 2 and the graphics subsystem based on the architecture of the new generation (most likely AMD Navi). The new console will be able to provide games in 4K, but will do it with fps around 60 fps.


As for the PlayStation 5, according to rumors, it will get the same APU with eight cores and Zen 2 graphics Navi. The main differences between the AMD chips, made by order of Sony and Microsoft, will be in the working frequencies of the cores are x86, and configuration of the graphics subsystem. In addition, the company can take care of additional hardware “chips”, like the fast buffer’s esram in the Xbox One.

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