Reveals the features of the Sony Playstation 5: the console will get the SSD

Раскрыты характеристики Sony Playstation 5: консоль получит твердотельный накопитель

Upgrading to an SSD will allow 15 times faster loading of content.

At the beginning of next year, the premiere of the fifth generation of game consoles from Sony. As it became known, when designing the new console has decided to abandon the standard hard drive, replacing it with SSD.

This innovation will allow to reduce loading time of games. Insiders report that the test Assembly Playstation 5 spent on the download of the game Spider Man one second and the Playstation 4 Pro this procedure takes 15 seconds. Furthermore, the use of SDD will speed up rendering of textures, which will reduce the delay when displaying game objects.

In addition to the benefits in the games, the rejection of hard drive will allow you to save some space in the building, forgoing the cooling fan HDD. Thanks to this new Playstation will run quieter.

We will remind, earlier it was reported that the new console will support backwards compatibility with the Playstation 4. In the basis of the device is 8-core AMD processor Ryzen third-generation graphics accelerator and ATI Radeon. Insiders had revealed almost all the basic features of the Sony Playstation 5. We will remind, today confirmed the assumption that the console will get the SSD. At the same time, the main intrigue remains the name – according to preliminary reports, Sony plans to abandon the numerical designation in their consoles.