Revenge On The Makron?: Notre Dame could suffer at the hands of the “yellow jackets”

Месть Макрону?: Собор Парижской Богоматери мог пострадать от рук «желтых жилетов»

The participants of the global protest could attract the attention of the authorities to the arson Notre-Dame de Paris, despite claims of violation of safety rules.

The world was shocked with the bad news: the card of Paris, Notre-Dame de Paris (Notre Dame Cathedral) is burning in the fire. At the moment we know that the tower of the fire fell off the spire, the roof collapsed and the fire spread to the adjacent building. Hundreds of French pray together with the priests about the preservation of historic architecture, but, apparently, in vain. It is known that the conventional fire trucks are not able to extinguish a powerful fire, the necessary aircraft.

Of course, the network immediately began to spread versions that could cause a fire. One of the main States that the whole blame for the violation of safety workers, since the workers were engaged in the restoration of a historic building. But there is another version according to which suspicions fall on the French participants of the protest action that lasted for a month.

Is this the revenge of the Makron, the head of France? Because of the fire, the President postponed a meeting with the protesters and went to the scene. Theoretically, Notre Dame could suffer at the hands “yellow vests” if at least one of them had access to the inside of the building. Of course, while the police will investigate the incident to identify the perpetrators almost impossible, but in world practice, such events are the place to be, unfortunately.

Earlier media reported that the wooden part of the building almost completely destroyed: knowing the construction features of the Notre Dame Cathedral, start a fire with flammable substances. I hope that the protesters, the French would not have to destroy a card of your country due to moral and ideological beliefs, but, as statistics show, this version has the right to exist. About the true causes of the fire will be known after the special checks, until all the strength left to fight the fire.