Revenues Boeing collapsed due to plane crash Max

Доходы Boeing рухнули из-за катастроф самолетов Max

The profits of American aviakontserna in the first quarter decreased by 21 percent. Boeing had to cancel the financial projections for the entire 2019.

Operational profits of American aviation concern Boeing in the first quarter of this year decreased by 21 percent due to problems caused by disasters to a series of aircraft Max. Financial forecasts for the entire 2019 cancelled and new ones will be released only after clarify the situation, announced in the headquarters of Boeing in Chicago on Wednesday, April 24.

Boeing’s turnover in the first quarter declined by two percent to 22.9 billion dollars. At the same time, losses due to problems with the sale of 737 Max was partially offset by revenue growth due to contracts in the military sphere and in the sphere of maintenance.

Boeing also reported on the progress towards final certification updates for the software MCAS – system that serves to improve safety, which is equipped with the 737 Max. According to experts, it crashes at MCAS have caused the catastrophes of the two aircraft Max, which killed a total of 346 people. Boeing, however, warned that in the near future, certification of data updates should be expected.


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