Review: facing the threat of terrorism are all equal

Комментарий: Перед угрозой терроризма все равны

Until recently, terrorism in the West felt the hands of radical Islamists. The attack against Muslims in Christchurch has shown that Islamophobia can have the same disastrous consequences, says INES Pohl.

The purpose of the terrorist attack in Christchurch were Muslims participating in Friday prayers in the mosque. The attack happened in the Church where people normally feel safe, where they serenely lost in thought, where you don’t expect any impact from the side. In such a situation it is easier to be a victim of terrorists.

As they say, all are equal before God. As before you need and distress that bring people together, and make equal to each other. The terrorist, who shot people in two mosques, have your monstrous plan to the last detail and planned everything to the minute, as it became known from common them videos on the Internet. But the decisive moment he did not realize: terror to divide society, but in fact it can and consolidate.

Whether you’re atheist or believer, Christian, Jew or Muslim – on the background of the terrorist threat it does not play any role. Terrorism does not discriminate between religions, cultural identity or nationality. And doesn’t matter where he was born or that person where he lives now and for how long.

Consolation is only that this act of terrorism the international community has condemned so unanimously and clearly, as well as attacks by Islamic terrorists in Paris, Brussels, London, Madrid or Berlin. If we are talking about terrorism and the terrorists who cruelly kill innocent people, there can be no double standards!

Islamophobia is a dangerous phenomenon, which we in the West should look the same as on a small but dangerous group ready for violence of the extremists among Muslims.

The review expresses the personal opinion of the author. It may not coincide with the opinion of the Russian edition of Deutsche Welle and as a whole.


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Комментарий: Перед угрозой терроризма все равны

Комментарий: Перед угрозой терроризма все равны