Review: In Bulgaria protesting against the state government

Комментарий: В Болгарии протестуют против государства в государстве

Bulgarians protest against Prime Minister Borisov, whose nightstand gun and gold bars. But the problem is much deeper, and the EU must not close her eyes, said Alexander Andreyev.

“I said I’m a simple man that don’t speak English, so I don’t understand it, but then I outsmarted them”, – approximately so the Prime Minister of Bulgaria Boyko Borisov told about the negotiations with Prime Ministers of other countries-members of EU in telephone conversation, which were tapped illegally. The authenticity of the recording, he did not contest. By the way, in the original, Borisov expressed much sharper, used strong words would have made many blush.

Nice Borisov, Borisov bad

The authenticity of the recording of the telephone conversation and that it was actually involved in Borisov until proven. But everyone who met him once (including the author of these lines), I can clearly recognize not only his voice, but his way of thinking, and a tendency to manipulative behavior. It is increasingly becoming a problem. And not only for Bulgaria but for the whole of the European Union.

According to Transparency International, Bulgaria has for years been considered the most corrupt country in the EU. In Brussels, however, turn a blind eye. “Bad guys” – the problem for the EU heads of state and governments are sitting in Warsaw and Budapest, while in Sofia ruled by a true European and a reliable partner – that is the message. But it is false, and it is much more than just an “optical illusion.” Borisov always plays the role of a good European – the issue of sanctions against Russia, the settlement of the migration crisis in the EU, the development of a common energy policy, in compliance with criteria of fiscal stability and even in regard to pandemic coronavirus.

But at the same time he emasculated the rule of law in Bulgaria; the economy of the country (primarily the EU funds) was turned into a bench self-service for loyal comrades in the party GERB (Citizens for European development of Bulgaria) and dubious oligarchs; with nominees trampled on freedom of speech (Bulgaria occupies the 111th place in the annual ranking of “Reporters without borders” countries where freedom of expression is violated) and, finally, of democratic politics in the country made a vulgar one-man show.

Protests against the shadow of the state

That is why in Bulgaria for a month of tense protests involving thousands of people. They are fed up. It’s not just about the endless corruption scandals, which implicated some senior functionaries of the ruling party GERB. And not just about pictures taken secretly in the bedroom of Borisov, where he has on the nightstand is a gun, gold bars and stacks of 500 Euro bills. And not even about how vulgar he is with the President, members of Parliament and the Bulgarian people.

It primarily about one thing: the creeping establishment for three terms Borisova total control over politics, Economics, justice and media. During Prime Minister Borisov created in Bulgaria a state within a state: c are invisible centers of influence and justice, which are almost completely controlled by the Executive power. It is not surprising that protesters in Bulgaria demand the resignation of Prosecutor General Ivan Geshev – lawyer-dropout and henchman Borisov, which puts into question the principle of separation of powers and can conduct illegal searches in the office of the President.

Resignation and new elections – something demanded by protesters. Whether Borisov will fulfill their requirements will compromise or arrange a diversion to hold on until the next parliamentary election in April 2021, is unclear. How and what could be a new Bulgarian Parliament.

But one thing is clear: the EU and the European people’s party (EPP), which includes the Bulgarian coat of ARMS as the government in Germany and the new attorney General, the EU should not continue to turn a blind eye to what is happening in Bulgaria. Protesters in Sofia, as well as many journalists and experts who know Bulgaria, living in Germany, has many times talked about this and want to do it again.: Mrs. Merkel, Mrs. von der Leyen, MS Cavese – enough to protect Boyko Borisov!

Комментарий: В Болгарии протестуют против государства в государстве

Комментарий: В Болгарии протестуют против государства в государстве

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