Review: intelligence Operations to eliminate the people – a frightening trend

Комментарий: Операции спецслужб по ликвидации людей - пугающая тенденция

Secret killings carried out by security services, may become commonplace in Europe. The destruction of the world order. What is happening poses a serious threat, says historian Christopher Nering.

3 January 2020 in Iraq, the Americans using drones destroyed the Iranian General Qasem Soleimani. August 23, 2019 in Berlin, in all likelihood, the Russian secret services were killed seeking shelter in Germany Chechen Zelimkhan khangoshvili. October 2, 2018 in Istanbul, the intelligence agencies of Saudi Arabia killed the journalist Jamal Khashoggi. This list of killings, attacks and kidnappings could easily be continued, including for example what happened in Germany.

Destruction of the old international order

A terrifying wave of murders, carried out by the intelligence reached Europe, and the improvement is not expected. “In the near future murder whose trail leads to the secret services, will be rather more than less,” predicts the former head of Federal intelligence service of Germany (BND) Gerhard Schindler (Schindler Gerhardt) who participated in a panel discussion at the German spy Museum.

One of the reasons is the destruction of the old world order. The major powers – the US, Russia, China – compete with the growing power of regional players such as Iran and Saudi Arabia. The tone becomes increasingly harsh, and tools increasingly rude.

“The existing mechanisms for the peaceful settlement of conflicts often fail, and there is a real danger that secret murders, backed by intelligence agencies, will become commonplace,” – said the Deputy of Bundestag from the Christian democratic Union (CDU) Patrick Sensburg (Patrick Sensburg). It is absolutely clear that States have long used targeted killings.

Russia, Israel or the United States in the past 30 years regularly resort to this method. In Europe after the cold war for a long time the situation remained calm. But I guess those days are gone. Secret killings and attacks, which can stand security services, have different implications. Operations like the one that held US, eliminating Iranian General Soleimani, or the actions of the Israeli security services against the radical Islamist movement Hamas and Lebanese Shiite group “Hezbollah” is directed against military opponents. The purpose of these operations is to prevent a potential attack without starting a war.

The RAID leads to random victims

Very different causes have attacks of revenge or retaliation. These include the assassination of Sergei Skripal in Salisbury murder khangoshvili in Berlin, Khashoggi in Istanbul, killing Nazi war criminals the Israeli security services. This kind of attack should force critics to silence, to punish someone for their actions and at the same time become a symbolic warning to the world.

Who can become a victim? In fact, this applies only to a narrow circle of persons: military opponents, political dissidents, the opposition or defectors – former intelligence agents. But the fight against terrorism since 70-ies, has blurred these boundaries. These attacks carry all the smaller Steppers. They themselves often become targets. Operations of Israeli intelligence against the leaders of Hamas and Hezbollah is just one example.

Another problem is that during operations to remove a particular person can be killed by other people. English couple became the victim of poison “Newbie” who tried to poison the ex-agent Sergei Skripal. In Norway, the Israeli secret service wanted them confused Islamist with ordinary passers-by and by mistake killed him.

During the U.S. missile strikes General Soleimani was not the only victim, killed a few people, who happened to be in this place at the time of the attack. Therefore, under such operations the risk of accidental damage should never be ruled out.

The harbingers of a disturbing time

The moral of this story? In countries such as Germany, which has banned the death penalty, the horror of such intelligence operations is especially strong. The UN regularly condemns such actions. As was the case with Sulejmani or khangoshvili.

The US, Israel or Russia have a different legal views, which allow them to commit murder abroad in order to combat terrorism and prevent threats. And these countries are constantly in any military conflict in a world that threatens their security.

While the situation in Germany is relatively calm. Mostly targeted killings occur in the major crisis regions in the middle East, Afghanistan, Ukraine. But globalization, migration and the new conflict between Russia and the West is getting closer to Germany.

Murder khangoshvili in 2019 or kidnapping of former Vietnamese party functionary in 2017 in the heart of Berlin – the harbingers that come not the best times.

Комментарий: Операции спецслужб по ликвидации людей - пугающая тенденция

Комментарий: Операции спецслужб по ликвидации людей - пугающая тенденция