Review: self-censorship prohibits “Chipollino”, “the Gingerbread man” ready

Комментарий: Самоцензура запрещает "Чиполлино", "Колобку" приготовиться

Blame Putin to ban a school production based on “Cipollino”? It turns out that in part, Yes, says Alexander plushev. In his opinion, the period of censorship in Russia was replaced by the era of self-censorship.

Going during the week to take in a show at the district theater, which almost nobody saw, but everyone heard about it. Production of “Ryabchikova will navigering” based on the book by Gianni Rodari “Chipolino”, carried out by teenage Studio on the outskirts of Moscow, has received an incredible reputation due to the scandal. Took her to the Moscow international festival, and two days before presentation, the Director of the site canceled the show. To dexate, “Chipollino” is too much. The Director complained to Facebook and promised that the play will show at the festival and in regional theater, where I intended to go and even booked over the phone.

But, alas, the theater will have to wait because those shows were canceled. The story is so far beyond the district and even Moscow that the Director seems to have regretted his call for “Maximum repost!” and, in fact, accused the media of fomenting. This is a brief public part of the story, which gives the opportunity to reflect on the state in which Russian society.

Samovyvoza prophecy banning ” Chipollino “

In General, the prohibition of “Cipollino” is a classic self-fulfilling prophecy. About this for so long joked – about as the “Three fat men”, “the Magic voice of Gelsomino”, “dunno on the moon” and other relevant children’s works, which did not happen something like this just could not. Strangely, even that has not happened before.

There have been various anecdotal incidents, like dismantling the billboards of the play “Waiting for you, merry gnome!” in Omsk on the eve of the arrival there of Dmitry Medvedev. But to charge performance based Chipollino, even with topical political references, is a new level.

Well, not Putin’s fault, right? Some head of DK decided to play it safe, to be safe, so God forbid something happens. Think of it, just fearful of the women, and threw them from the festival, well, you’re right, the whole story was inflated. What’s wrong cancel their shows, the Director decided not to injure the young actors with excessive hype – it’s not censorship, the authorities in this story do not in any way involved!

It may seem paradoxical, but censorship is a phenomenon less perfect, more rough and less dangerous. The disease is more running when you turn on self-censorship, it’s the fear “as if something happens”, the desire to guess, will not receive from his superiors.

The debate about censorship in Russia

Suddenly emboldened actor Maxim Galkin concert in their speeches spoke about censorship on television, but I rather agree with him objecting propagandist Dmitry Kiselev. If you yourself censor or even censor myself, why do we need someone else over you? All employees of the state media – from the simple editor to the chief Executive – without any manuals or Temnikov know all of the “red lines” and even close them unsuitable.

Kiselyov, commenting on the words Galkin, tells a funny thing: “Censorship is impossible in the Internet era, and harmful.” Let’s leave aside the almost daily attempts to censor and restrict the Internet itself, and will not pay attention to the cynicism of the presenter and simultaneously telemechanika. If you think about it, he’s right. With approximately the same efficiency in the Internet era shows and widespread self-censorship. Another issue is that it is not only meaningless and harmful thing that we do with admirable tenacity.

The image damage for Moscow

What image does more damage to the country: some jokes and innuendo in the school play, which few people see, or the widespread discussion of “how Russia has banned the “chipmunks”? But this argument does not work and does not stop anyone.

How does not stop teachers and principals, respetuosa students for any “political” activity. Remember, at one time these recordings appeared almost daily? After all, they know that they will be instantly on the Network, but still will reposture some Bulk – will not find it.

It seems that few people think about the image of the country as their own well-being much more expensive. We have long passed the time when such a situation it was possible to regain the appearance of a wise official who successfully would all resolve and incidentally Mr. reinsurers. On the contrary, these scandals have become on hand to the authorities: they show the boundaries of the permissible framework, for which people will meet along the way trouble.

This returns us to the question of how involved Putin to ban “Chipollino”. And the answer, alas, turns out positive. The atmosphere in which reigns, self-censorship, deliberately created and fueled strongly by the current government, on top of which 20 years is Vladimir Putin. And little who can guarantee that this way will not eventually reach a ban of a “Bun”. Even in its classical interpretation.

Комментарий: Самоцензура запрещает "Чиполлино", "Колобку" приготовиться

Комментарий: Самоцензура запрещает "Чиполлино", "Колобку" приготовиться