Review: “Super Tuesday” in the United States showed that the Democrats want unity

Комментарий: "Супервторник" в США показал, что демократы хотят единства

After the “super Tuesday” became a clear candidate in US presidents from Democratic party will be either Joe Biden or Bernie Sanders. The Democrats missed the opportunity to upgrade, says Christina Bergman.

How could this happen?

The choice of candidates in presidents from Democrats this time was richer than ever: women, African Americans, Hispanics, young, dynamic, optimistic and, among other things, gay. They were all so different, even so many that they couldn’t even fit on one stage during the first televised debate. For two evenings, each of them talked about themselves and their ideas to the American viewers.

It was in June 2019. But now, after more than eight months, the candidate will choose between 77-year-old former Vice-President, infamous for his verbal mistakes and forgetfulness, and excessive tendency to hug women, and 78-year old Senator that had just experienced a heart attack are proud to call themselves “socialist”, but not speaking a single word about how he intends to Finance its generous policy, and besides, is known for his stubbornness. One of them have a particular plan, and another plan did not win the most votes.

Democrats in the US want a moderate candidate

So far, the results of the primaries indicate, first of all, what the Democrats want unity. They are willing to vote for anyone who, in their opinion, could beat the current President of the United States Donald trump. The main political objectives are clear: Democrats are convinced that the duty of the state to help the poor and weak, they advocate health insurance for all (in whatever form), reasonable gun laws, we want to combat climate change and a moderate foreign policy and security.

The majority of the members of the party wanted a moderate candidate and not support the extreme, uncompromising views of Bernie Sanders. So now the Democrats have rallied around Joe Biden after he won an outstanding victory in South Carolina, with nearly 50 percent of the votes. And after other reasonable competitors surrendered. Most recently, the former mayor Pete Buttidzhich and Senator Amy Klobuchar joined the camp of Biden. Strength is in unity, and everyone likes to support winners.

The Democrats have not found the strength for a courageous decision

Let’s for a moment imagine what would have happened if things went differently and the Democratic party would have behaved as the leading force in society? If the party determined the ideological direction or, for example, gave the opportunity to choose up to two candidates: Amy Klobuchar moderate and progressive Elizabeth Warren? Two smart women look to the future and also know how to build coalitions.

When the cohesive work of the party and the support of such giants as Joe Biden (whose achievements during his long career are undeniable), and Bernie Sanders, who currently is able to motivate young people like no other, any of these two women would be able to take the post of President of the United States. But the leadership of the Democratic party shied away from responsibility, leaving to make a choice to ordinary party members. And they just lost. Created by Bernie Sanders, a political organization, its enthusiastic, dedicated young supporters and the fame of Joe Biden, ultimately, gave both of them undeniable advantages. The other, younger candidates, in fact, had no chance.

The best way: the failure of the Sanders from the fight?

So now Joe Biden is going through a new rise of his career, winning in those States where he does not even spent the election campaign, for example, in Minnesota. There’s Bernie Sanders in 2016, won a crushing Hillary Clinton. In 2020, Joe Biden won this state, leaving the opponents even have a chance – with the support of Amy Klobuchar, the Senator hails from Minnesota.

It is time for Democrats to close ranks and to remember that their main purpose is to win over Donald trump in November in the presidential election. In this sense, the struggle between Biden and Sanders at the party Congress – which at the moment is not eliminated – would cause the maximum harm to the cause. Bernie Sanders needs to take seriously the decision of the members of his party if he really wants the days of trump at the White house were numbered. Democrats don’t need a revolution, they need a moderate candidate. Even if his name is Joe Biden.

Комментарий: "Супервторник" в США показал, что демократы хотят единства

Комментарий: "Супервторник" в США показал, что демократы хотят единства