Review: Talking about harassment in Russia is unpleasant, and it is good

Комментарий: Разговор о харассменте в России неприятный, и это хорошо

Around a number of liberal journalists, a scandal broke out over the harassment. Public discussion of the details of the harassment was a very good sign of the growth of consciousness of Russian society, says Lola tagaeva.

In Russian Twitter – media reports of abuse and harassment from men, some of whom worked or continue to work in the Russian media, mostly liberal. Accusations of harassment and even gang rape have been addressed in the past the employee of the “Open Russia” Ruslan Gafarov, who is now in the savings Bank, current employees “MBH Media” chief editor Sergei Prost and photo editor Andrei Zolotov. The harassment also onlineservices projects of Sberbank Sergey Minenko, who has previously worked in the publications Men?s Health Russia, “Chalk”, Газета.Ru and “news”.

In addition, the review said that Junior staff and interns molested a leading “Rain” Pavel Lobkov – Intrusive he allegedly offered sex and touched them without permission. It was revealed many others years silenced personal stories that are associated with sexual harassment and inappropriate behavior towards women, primarily in the journalistic environment. In the end, the Russian segment of Twitter and Facebook argue among themselves, not only those who supported the girls, who decided on difficult public recognition, but those who accused them of almost a PR in the intimate dirty details.

A sign of a long awaited recovery of Russian society

It is obvious that those dealing with harassment will soon appear on state TV channels and other promotional resources as alleged proof of the moral decay and lack of strong spiritual braces among liberal intellectuals. Recall and similar scandals around the chief editor of “echo of Moscow” Alexei Venediktov and “Medusa” Ivan Kolpakov. Liberals have accused that they fight and weaken themselves in discussions in social networks.

In fact, what is happening is a great sign of a long awaited recovery of Russian society. With criticism of those who “stand dirty linen in public” begins and another very important for the Russian society the topic of domestic violence. But what about the harassment they say present or former employees, first and foremost, the liberal media – no wonder: the development of society starts among the most progressive part of the one that is open to change, transparency and honesty.

What about harassment don’t speak in another kind of media, does not mean that it is not – there’s just no one yet dares to say so publicly. This situation can be compared with the disclosure of cases of coronavirus: the more withheld, the more complex the situation is.

The story of the Slutsk

I will remind that journalists of the liberal media was the first in the new Russian reality, who has claimed harassment by state Duma Deputy Leonid Slutsky: it was Farida Rustamova from the BBC, Darya Zhuk from the TV channel “Rain”, Katerina Kotrikadze with RTVi. In 2018, the story even led to a short, but a boycott by many media in respect of the Deputy.

What was the reaction of conservatives then? Slutsky said that the charges are “paid” and “base of provocation”, he rushed to defend other members also charges connected with the political order. The so-called “Women’s club” the Duma – an informal Association of women deputies, representing all factions issued a statement on “pre-orchestrated operation to discredit” you. In short, the level of debate in Parliament about harassment has slipped to the Deputy Valery Hartung: “you Know, if you do not have a female signs of attention, she might be offended”.

The answer of the defendants in the harassment now? Lobkov apologized and acknowledged that “came a new ethic, with its new definitions of bodily boundaries and integrity,” while for him “the boundaries of bodily integrity remained at the level of 2000-ies”. Chief editor of “Rain” Tikhon Dzyadko apologized to everyone whom I may offend Lobkov, promising that this situation “in the near future will be dismantled and spoke on TV”. Simpletons and gold themselves quit “MBH Media”, the current employees Gafarov and Minenko suspended from his job at Sberbank. In addition, “Novaya Gazeta” made a statement that adopted the regulation against psychological and sexual violence. He suggests that the editors will appear to the Ethics Committee.

Among the obvious, but requires the pronunciation of postulates about the unacceptability of any sexual connotation at work in the text “New” and this remarkable statement: “journalists (and not only) argued that the magazine’s staff is a big family, and family to wash dirty linen in public is impossible. The scale of domestic violence in Russia and in the world we know is not so.”

Harassment is always, including, about the inequality of the parties

In the case of the issue of domestic violence took a few years just to make it visible to society, and say many times to accept the fact that the victim is not to blame – the blame is always the aggressor. Then there was the place where you can come for help, and the draft law on the prevention of domestic violence was introduced in the Duma. What, now, is simply indecent not to acknowledge – even five years ago, it was impossible even to imagine. The theme of harassment become a “second domestic violence”. It all starts with a conversation about a very painful subject that I would like to avoid and not to stand outside the hut.

Next step: let’s face it, harassment is always, including, about the inequality of the parties, and not some flirt with your colleagues. Harassment is when one person towards another is in a position of authority: Express or implied. Subordinate or student will not be able to protect themselves because of fear for his position.

Dare Pavel Lobkov to joke and flirt with the chief editor of the TV channel Tikhon Dzyadko? And Simpletons – not to stick to stagerim, and editor-in-chief of your media Veronica kutsyllo? MSU professors in a recent scandal, it seems, was abused too dependent students, and not the rector Sadovnichy. And, in the end, would become the Deputy Slutsky to stick to the speaker of the state Duma, and not to the journalists? Of course not.

Harassment, like domestic violence, is a way of pressure on the victim in the framework of obtaining the necessary result. And presses the victim into the aggressor? How to understand? For this it is necessary to conduct educational activities, to prescribe the relationship between employees and introduce transparent and secure verification of the facts of the harassment. But first you need about the issue to speak loudly. And the most fearless doing it.

Комментарий: Разговор о харассменте в России неприятный, и это хорошо

Комментарий: Разговор о харассменте в России неприятный, и это хорошо