Review: the Accident at Archangel media Chernobyl the Russian government

Комментарий: Авария под Архангельском - медийный Чернобыль российской власти

Crash “special products” on the ground in Arkhangelsk region showed that the Russians are still the heroes, and for the state, they – cannon fodder, said Ivan Preobrazhensky.

The accident at the site of the Russian Navy near the village of nyonoksa reminded the Russians about the Chernobyl accident. According to official reports, the explosion occurred during a “test liquid rocket propulsion”. Foreign experts and Russian commentators fear that really exploded the prototype of the Russian rocket “Thunderbird” with a nuclear engine, which in 2018 was presented personally by President Vladimir Putin. What conclusions, except for the urgent buying of iodine, can make the past the Russians?

Favorite military project of President Putin

The main responsible for the incident in the Arkhangelsk region – President Vladimir Putin. He has repeatedly made it clear that the development of new weapons coming in the country under his personal control. And his personal interest he demonstrated in 2018 and again.

Knowing enough about specific Soviet psychology to simulate a situation where the military and engineers of the authorities by all means customize them to be rather pleased with your success “leader of the nation”. Such examples are well known. One of memoirs, and I personally – from my grandmother’s stories. She was engaged, in particular, the development of certain types of missiles “ground-air” and many could tell of forced safety violations.

Rush, initially controversial project… From it because of its questionable feasibility and effectiveness – at the time refused much more powerful, professional and I must say, rational Soviet military-industrial complex. And here is the result – an explosion. The true chronology of events we are likely to again if and know the truth of the memoir.

Wine authorities, who in their confrontation with the West and the arms race began were required to fast the progress is undeniable. And this is regardless of the fact that exploded in the Arkhangelsk region: a new liquid fuel rocket, the engine of which was radioactive elements, or missile to “go nuclear” with “virtually unlimited range” and “unpredictable flight path”, as proudly reported in 2018 about the rocket Burevestnik Russian defense Ministry.

The lies and the conspiracy of silence

Many have been victims of this man-made disaster? We also probably will never know. The official version of the famous five deceased employees of “Rosatom”. They posthumously presented to the state awards and solemnly buried. Even the number of wounded is known only approximately. Accompanied by an explosion a sharp increase in radiation in the region? Contaminated sea? How many Russians were exposed to radiation? We are told that we have nothing. The answer of the Russian government in detail and not going. It is possible that they are telling the truth, but so that it virtually no one believes, because it contains in superpress releases, obviously withhold any facts. In the end, inhabitants of the Arkhangelsk region are buying up iodine, Moscow mummies in online forums scare each other with radioactive rain.

To describe this type of reaction on technological accidents can recall the explosion at Chernobyl in 1986, the benefit of this year millions of Russians and foreigners watched the new series. The movie perfectly conveys the atmosphere of lies and a servile deference which contributed to this tragedy and persist in Russia to this day.

You can, however, so far behind examples not to walk. Just August 12 marked the 19th anniversary of the tragic catastrophe of the submarine “Kursk”, which the Russian authorities shamelessly lied for several days after the explosion.

This approach is being replicated now in the coverage of the explosion in Nyonoksa. Message of the authorities is extremely stingy. In the speeches of scientists and the statements of local authorities includes hint that the increase in radiation activity on some of exploding “nuclear batteries”. Moreover, all more or less acute, hardly appearing, rapidly disappearing from websites and TV channels. And the Russians are left alone with rumors that one of the other dych and improbable, but it is the best fit to their own fears.

An explosion of disbelief

I don’t know what the consequences of failure of the test for Russia’s defense capability. No, I think he doesn’t know now, and what they will be for the health of the people living in the disaster area. Even if it was about liquid fuels, chemicals, including radioactive, it could fall, for example, in the sea.

But you can say exactly what happened – a real media “Chernobyl”. A diagnosis of the Russian authorities, which also have forgotten how to tell their citizens the truth, as the rulers of the Soviet Union before its collapse. Well, as citizens, as then, their leaders no longer believe. And it certainly will have consequences.

Комментарий: Авария под Архангельском - медийный Чернобыль российской власти

Комментарий: Авария под Архангельском - медийный Чернобыль российской власти