Review: the Ayatollah Khamenei and his disgusting distraction

Комментарий: Аятолла Хаменеи и его отвратительный отвлекающий маневр

Iran has problems. In such a situation, the spiritual leader of the country is trying to divert people’s attention, while not disdaining the most disgusting of historical concepts, says Kersten Knipp.

For Ali Khamenei, fell on hard times. The Islamic Republic of Iran, in which he for 30 years he has served as spiritual leader, things go wrong. On the world stage – Iran in almost complete isolation. Domestically, the louder people complain. The elderly Ayatollah has nothing to offer neither here nor there. Sullen, aggressive policy pursued by him and his regime, does not resonate, either domestically or abroad.

Well, at least I have a reliable enemy, in which Khamenei can to shift the attention of the population. The spiritual leader of Iran over the years have learned: when you have exhausted all possibilities, this enemy can always be used for demagoguery and all the obvious hints. The enemy Ayatollah Khamenei is Israel.

In the style of Hitler and Himmler

And criminal Nazi regime that existed in history, the spiritual leader of Iran seems to be at hand. Indeed, in the regime of the killers and war criminals, Ayatollah Khamenei, and to this day he sees something worthy of emulation. At least in the case of the so-called annual “Day of al-Quds,” he inspired monstrous acts of Hitler, Himmler and other Nazi criminals, used the term “final solution” (“Endl?sung”), which they used, referring to its programme of destruction of six million European Jews.

This concept – rather, it is the English translation of the “final solution” – appeared on the website of Khamenei. They are accompanied by a drawing of the Temple mount. She represented the territory of the Palestinian and Iranian Muslims. Thus this figure shows a dream “about the future liberation of Palestine”. The picture is visible and a poster of the murdered in January by the Americans of the commander of the Islamic revolutionary guard Corps. And even the Ayatollah Khomeini there was a place.

However, the Iranian leadership has tried a little to err, they say, the poster requires to hold a referendum on the status of the Temple mount. While it is not – this is a pseudo-excuse – the Muslim world to resist Israel. But this trick does not work. The concept of the “final solution” betrays the true intent of the picture.

Who’s afraid of democracy

On 21 may, the Minister of foreign Affairs of Iran Javad Zarif tried in a tweet to reverse. The said expression should supposedly be understood in the context of the referendum. “Why, he asks, English- United States and the West are experiencing such a fear of democracy?”.

“Fear of democracy”: the irony Javad Zarif will not give up. In the ranking of press freedom human rights organization “reporters without borders” mode, which he represents on the world stage, ranked 170th out of 180. In the last annual report of Amnesty International Iran also did not look like a Bastion of democracy. “In 2019 in Iran has continued to grossly violate the right to freedom of expression, freedom of Association and Assembly, the report says. – Security authorities in violation of the right use violence fatalities to suppress the protests, were killed while hundreds of protesters and thousands arbitrarily arrested.” The list can easily continue.

When the government has nothing to boast of

The economy in Iran, too, has stalled. The inflation rate in 2020 will, according to the forecast, 31%, and unemployment of 17.4 percent. Moreover, according to official figures. Not going well and the fight against corruption. In the corruption perception index of Transparency International in 2019 Iran is on the 146th place out of 180.

So the Iranian government has nothing particularly to brag about. In such a situation the threat of a “final solution” is absolutely a red herring.

Комментарий: Аятолла Хаменеи и его отвратительный отвлекающий маневр

Комментарий: Аятолла Хаменеи и его отвратительный отвлекающий маневр