Review: the Coronavirus is not a reason for racism

Комментарий: Коронавирус - не повод для расизма

Someone who only has the Asian appearance and coughing, you can’t blame the current epidemiei coronavirus. Racist attacks on the Chinese unacceptable, says Dan yuan.

Aboard a passenger liner of the German airline Lufthansa flying to China on Wednesday unexpected situation: the Chinese passengers began to cough heavily after the plane gained altitude. According to him, two weeks before the flight, he was in Wuhan city with a million people, which is now closed for quarantine due to the outbreak of coronavirus.

Other passengers began to show concern. But the captain remained calm, the plane flew on and made was able to land safely at the destination. Members of the crew and passengers immediately upon arrival were examined. Several hours later, everyone breathed a sigh of relief: suspected coronavirus has not been confirmed.

Between over-reaction and sensitivities to the topic of virus

The rapid spread of a potentially deadly virus instilled lack of confidence in the people around the world. Due to the extensive coverage of this topic in the media, many have become more sensitive to possible danger. But the boundaries between over-reaction and a heightened sensitivity to this subject is often blurred.

People with Asian appearance and a slight cough often catches unfriendly looks as if it definitely was a carrier of 2019 coronavirus-nCov. In Frankfurt-on-main for this reason, one Asian was even subjected to racist attacks.

“Well, you got the Chinese virus?” – this question is often asked in recent days only because the person looks Asian and he’s a little cold. The expression “Chinese virus” actually creates a misconception about who is a victim in this situation. After all, China is suffering from the coronavirus more than any other country, and he is truly unprecedented transparency taking all possible measures to stop the epidemic.

By the way, in China distanciruemsa from the name “Wuhan virus”, because this phrase imposes sweeping liability for what happened to the whole town. But it is not the people of Wuhan are the cause of the disease, and occurring in connection with excessive panic, and the virus outbreak which could happen anywhere, anywhere in the world.

In Wuhan, where the Agency ordered residents not to leave their homes, millions of people are discipline and sacrifice their freedom of movement to ensure that the virus does not spread further. Videos that run on the Internet, show how the inhabitants of one neighbourhood, in the evenings, communicate with each other through the open Windows and using a megaphone to get out of the house.

The virus can affect all

The best defense against infection is to wash hands. First of all, it can minimize risks of infection. But absolute protection, this measure can not provide, certainly not in the era of globalization, when the world freely can move not only people and goods but also the viruses. Keep distance to people just because they have Asian looks, does not provide additional protection. Coronavirus not need a visa, what to get this or that country, and it can affect absolutely everyone.

People in this situation need to show solidarity. Until then, until we can figure out where exactly did the virus will not help neither panic nor accusations in someone’s address, and certainly not the racist attacks that affect the standards of hygiene and food Chinese. Coronavirus, according to scientific data, not more dangerous than annually recurring in Germany, the wave of flu. So let us overcome the psychological barriers, assess the situation soberly and draw reasonable conclusions. We say Germany translated from Chinese means “land of morality.”