Review: the Mueller report is nothing new

Комментарий: В докладе Мюллера нет ничего нового

The report of spectracolor Muller has exacerbated the conflict between supporters and opponents of trump, but anything new he told me. Donald trump unworthy of the post of President, says Oliver Sallet.

The fight against evil is an old story. In the middle Ages, superstitious people chased witches. The victim of a witch hunt, as you know, considers himself and Donald trump, when we are talking about the report of spectracolor Mueller (on possible RF interference in the US presidential election. -.). Now the report published. Donald trump fancies himself a winner.

But the struggle, in which participants poured mud at each other has just begun. While Republicans and Democrats each defending its truth, the public can relax. Report more than 400 pages you can not read, because all that is written in it, has long been known.

No excuse for President trump

Of course, many want to know what is meant by the words of spectacular Robert Mueller that he had no conclusive evidence that trump obstructed justice. After all, the report mentions that the U.S. President tried several times to influence the investigation.

In the beginning of the presidential term Donald trump was acting suspiciously. When the head of the FBI, James Comey investigated the possible relationship of the tramp with the Kremlin, he did not hesitate to fire him. When justice Minister Jeff sessions recused himself in the case of the investigation of the alleged Russian interference in the presidential campaign, trump forced him to resign. Behavior that demonstrates a Donald trump – not the behavior of an innocent, it rather peculiar to those who have something to hide.

Trump is true to his principles

But as President, trump remains true to itself: and in the White house, he resorts to questionable tricks even those times when I was a tycoon in real estate. He has not changed and his hard attitude towards those who are trying to put a spoke in the wheel. Who contradict him, in order to exert pressure. Who lets him, cast out.

How Donald trump refers to the truth and the facts, has become a big problem. It does not bother lies to his closest associates about contacts with Russia – it was obvious even before the publication of the report of Muller. And in the course of the investigation of spectracolor Muller became known much about near trump. Some of them now can be called criminals convicted of crimes.

During the election campaign surfaced a sebaceous videos that demonstrate how the trump treats women. Later it became known that he had paid for silence porn star Stephanie Clifford, to hide one of his scams.

As for the allegations of illegal financing of the election campaign, the investigation is still ongoing, despite the fact that the report has already been published. Worst of all, it does not bother the environment trump. And he can be calm, because he fulfilled many of his promises and confidently sits in the presidential chair. What danger can be notorious report Mueller?

Damage to democracy and President

What is the President of the United States, it was known even before the report was published. Donald trump is the President, who has surrounded himself with criminals that twists the facts as it is beneficial. He won the elections with the help of Russia. But the damage done to their democracy and the presidential post is huge.

The forthcoming election campaign and various investigative Commission, Democrats in Congress will only exacerbate the situation and instead of tangible results lead to another confrontation between two opposing camps. So the witch hunt continues. With the report of Muller.

The review expresses the personal opinion of the author. It may not coincide with the opinion of the Russian edition of Deutsche Welle and as a whole.


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Комментарий: В докладе Мюллера нет ничего нового

Комментарий: В докладе Мюллера нет ничего нового