Review: the Persian version for the “United Russia”

Комментарий: Персидский вариант для "Единой России"

Vladimir Putin decided to use the last Shah of Iran, but nothing like preparing for the upheaval, he and “party of power” still remains, believes Konstantin Eggert.

In 1950-1970, when Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi in Iran, there were two political parties. They were called “Yes, of Course, Your Majesty” and simply, “Yes, Your Majesty.”

“Marriage” onf and ” United Russia “

In fact, the title, of course, were different: the Party of the “New Iran” and the people’s party. One played the role of Pro-government and another in opposition. It “played a role”. Both were created by order of the Royal court, was funded by the government and courtyard, catered to the wishes of the court and government, and the alleged opposition people’s party even headed for some time the future Minister of the court Asadallah the Alam. Hence the mocking name, which gave the parties the Iranians. Party leaders imitated the political struggle, but mostly they fought over budgets, bargains and benefits.

In 1975 the Shah these games in democracy is sick. He combined two parties in one single in the country, and called it the Party of revival of the Iranian nation. She was to be the instrument of the Shah’s policies of modernization and control by the crypto-Communists and hated the monarchy, the Shiite clergy. In the party (as in the previous two) was actually a little party. But (as in the previous two) was a lot of careerists, to say the right speech.

Vladimir Putin seems to have decided to follow in the footsteps of the Shah in the cause of building the party. If you believe the “Medusa”, the Kremlin decided to combine the “United Russia” and the Russian popular front (onf) in the new party structure. Its name will include the word “Russia”, but the word “unified” will not, according to sources of “Medusa”. Besides, Dmitry Medvedev will leave from a post of the Chairman of the party and give way to the three co-chairs. And if that be so, it is only the leadership of the new structures are more or less familiar to at least some Russians will be the former Minister of agriculture and Deputy Chairman of the government Alexey Gordeyev. All the rest – operatives ‘ heads with gray biographies, “members of the Supreme councils” it is not clear what “coordinators” propaganda, “Deputy governors” on the correct counting of votes. In General, the middle layer of those who in Russia is considered to be the political elite. Now they have a chance to climb higher.

Cords, Valeria and youth

In the future the merging and rebranding of “Edra” it is easy to believe. The popularity of the party is low, and for almost 20 years, she managed to annoy even the Pro-Putin majority, superlovely polls can’t cheat her more than 32 percent. Actually, I think that the rating is much smaller. To go with such indicators on elections in the State Duma, even against so-called “party” led by Valeria, Cord plus permanent Gennady Zyuganov and Vladimir Zhirinovsky, absolutely indecent. In addition, the Kremlin should somehow “debit” islamisize on parliamentary salaries, diplomatic passports and apartments in Moscow activists of the popular front, which for that year, a play entitled “Russia has a civil society!” Wonder what you guys are trying?

It is expected that the new structure will actively give way and the posts of the so-called “youth”. This is a typical illusion of fading authoritarian regimes. As if age itself plays a crucial role. To improve the party line will go all the same thirty-five members of the high councils and the Deputy governors to ensure the will of the President, for the sake of power which all these quasireverse ventured.

The characters are unforgettable era of “Igor Ivanovich”, the destruction of Yukos, “energy superpower” and “return of the Crimea to the home port” will be replaced by even more colourless and unenterprising officials, the main feature of which is the ability even more energetic than the former, “to fluctuate along with the party line” and more inventive to cut budgets. If the bison and titans of the twentieth anniversary of the passing of Putin’s at least passed a hard school of struggle and survival in the late Soviet period and the “dashing nineties”, the new one ain’t even over.

The update will be released in the same fake, what was the party life of Iran during the Pahlavi dynasty and it is under Vladimir Putin last 17 years. Well, okay, a little livelier than in Iran – suddenly happen to a triumph of democracy, and in the Duma next year will again be Vladimir Ryzhkov or Dmitry Gudkov? Or even both! If United Russia really merge with the onf, it means that elections will be held in 2021, and not in advance. After all, to change the party statutes no later than a year before the vote. This rule is still observed.

Putin believes in the future

The Kremlin is absolutely convinced that the society all the tricks, renaming will accept and support, and you can not worry for the preservation of “stability.” The Russians again – and rightly so – holding for inexperienced children. But will it have the administration of Vladimir Putin to ensure that this year’s turnout at the vote for constitutional amendments, and next year for the new elections without choice, is unclear. There is growing fatigue and irritation, does not specifically motivated, but more noticeable. The authorities stubbornly adhere to the old methods of turning politics into a farce, that people do not want to participate in it and left her at the mercy of the Kremlin. This is a strategic mistake. Same as amendments to the Constitution, which even Putin majority saw the main thing – the manipulation of the basic law in the name of preserving the current regime.

The Kremlin has persistently negates everything, even became the most conventional and symbolic rules of the political game. It destroys those weak institutions that still you can try to rely in the event of a political crisis. Trampled remnants of the Constitution, the elections will be held again as a Parad-alle at the circus, but against indifference, declining living standards, and fatigue from the system. If anything happens, former Vice-governors, members of Executive committees-coordinators plus Valeria with a Cord first to run away from the Kremlin ship. And then became a meme “time to lose” do not. At all.

And four years have passed after the creation of the party of revival of the Iranian nation, in October 1978, the Shah announced its dissolution. He thought that would appease the crowd, louder demanding the renunciation of the owner of the Tehran Palace Niavaran. And after three months the King of Kings, Light of the Aryans His Imperial Majesty Mohammad Reza along with his family went into exile.

Of course, I know: Russia-2020 – not Iran-1979. And in General – not Iran. Historical analogies are always conditional and always helpful.

Комментарий: Персидский вариант для "Единой России"

Комментарий: Персидский вариант для "Единой России"