Review: the Release of Poland from the Istanbul Convention – a wrong move

Комментарий: Выход Польши из Стамбульской конвенции - неверный шаг

In Poland, the ruling conservatives have long claimed that the country will emerge from the Istanbul Convention to combat violence against women. Now they are almost kept his promise. This is a bad decision, I’m sure Magdalena Gwozdz-Allocat.

Poland was the focus of international attention. It seems that other countries do not understand why Warsaw wants to withdraw from the agreement of the Council of Europe on combating violence against women – the Istanbul Convention. After all, this country has not only signed a document, but 5 years ago, unlike Hungary and Slovakia, have ratified it – two years before Germany did.

The Minister of justice did not understand

In Poland itself, not everyone understands what is meant by justice Minister Zbigniew Ziobro, who last weekend declared the fulfillment of “campaign promises”. Then began a thorough search – what. Journalists and experts scratching their heads, trying to explain that behind all this lies, first of all, what is.

After all, ultimately we are talking about fundamental things: on the protection of women and girls to all forms of domestic violence considered a crime, and the fight against gender discrimination – about things that should not cause a contradictory reaction in our time.

But Polish justice Minister concerned that the document, in his view, “ideological reasons” consider family, marriage, culture, tradition or religion to the underlying causes of such violence. But that domestic violence occurs in families and between spouses, and, for example, female circumcision is part of religious or cultural practices, is known to all, not just victims of violence.

The concept of “ideology”, which has been used for the purposes of defamation of the LGBT movement, this time trying to exploit. The Istanbul Convention, in the words of the Minister, lead to “the disruption of society and directed against the family and marriage” – two Polish shrines. The Minister has in mind two items of the Convention, namely those pertaining to the fight against the outdated traditional division of roles between men and women.

The Polish authorities should ensure the protection of all citizens

This is the first time in many years, when Poland out of international agreements on human rights. These developments are not happy, and not only because the issue concerns the protection of my compatriots. Here we are talking about the General sense of security, which is based on the fact that you live in a state where everything is crashing down on your head just because one or the other formulation does not correspond to current political sentiment.

This sense of security is also supported by the trust and confidence that international agreements will be complied with, and obligations towards other countries and its own citizens – not only those that support the government’s commitment will be fulfilled.

In the presidential elections in Poland two weeks ago the candidate of the ruling conservative party “Law and justice” (PiS) Andrzej Duda won by a whisker, and thereby confirmed that the society is divided into supporters and critics of the government. But in the current situation, and I want to say: the show goes on. Because of the slogans heard during the election campaign, have not disappeared and are now broadcast by the Ministry of justice.

Poland, as publicly announced by the Minister of justice, protects the interests of its women than any other country. Probably it is, but only in the interests of Polish women would be that their defense was not the Polish Minister of justice and the international court of the highest level.

Комментарий: Выход Польши из Стамбульской конвенции - неверный шаг

Комментарий: Выход Польши из Стамбульской конвенции - неверный шаг

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