Review: the Russian authorities sew opposition, a new “swamp thing”

Комментарий: Российские власти шьют оппозиции новое "болотное дело"

The Russian authorities behave like a rapist who always blame the victim. This is evident not only in the fabrication of new criminal cases against the opposition, I am sure Ivan Preobrazhensky.

The investigative Committee (IC) of Russia opened a criminal case on the riots in addition to the three cases of use of violence against police during an unauthorized protest in Moscow on July 27. It happened after Moscow mayor Sergei Sobyanin has called these protests “a well-prepared mass riots”.

Opposition and independent commentators believe the government can make protesting a new “swamp thing”. Whether we are talking about trying to simply intimidate, threatening a possible landing on fabricated charges of several dozen rank and file activists, and, perhaps, former candidates for the Moscow city Duma, or worse?

People are afraid of the Russian authorities?

It is obvious that the mayor, though, said he read his statement to him, never lied. He really thinks it was a pre-planned riots. Like almost all representatives of the current Russian authorities, he does not believe in the sincerity and spontaneity not only in politics but also in interpersonal relationships. His world is built on a hierarchical system of subordination and humiliation.

Mr Sobyanin now, judging by his statement, says that someone tried to subordinate and humiliate him. That someone, of course, not independent candidates to the Moscow city Duma, and a rival villain from one of a conditional of the Kremlin towers. It was he, not the opposition, cleverly and unexpectedly fulfilled the law, making it impossible: collected needed to check signatures of voters. And then that someone, probably the owner of Mothersurname these candidates have not registered. And all this in order to discredit the mayor of Moscow. So the mayor is willing to support any police action.

Other authorities, in turn, seems to honestly believe in stories about “color revolution”, which is so fond of special services. It turns out that the incident on 27 July was, of course, the mass opposition event in Moscow in 2012, in the eyes of the authorities, is planned to spoil their reputation. And because it was about protests. it has been obvious unrest. And if so, then criminal case will be a fit punishment zlonraviya opposition.

This is clearly not an empty threat, as many hope. Stories of protesters with hammers accidentally, no one will not come up. Even though we haven’t shown a single employee “of Regardie” who would agree under oath to lie, that the Muscovites tried to hit with a hammer, stab with a knife or poison gas.

Where are the authorities of the Russian Federation?

A separate discussion focused on the speed with which the repressive bodies began to detain oppositionists, civil activists and ordinary participants of the meeting with the independent candidates to deputies of Moscow city Council on July 27. Some of this haste was even suggested that the threat from the repressive apparatus – it’s just bullying. No mass landings, the authorities do not plan, I just want to repay the protests in the capital.

This overly optimistic view of the problem. The fact that mass arrests began a month or two after the dispersal of the rally on Bolotnaya square on 6 may 2012 does not say anything about the fact that the repetition of the “Bolotnaya case”, the police and the Investigative Committee, and this time should be prepared for a long time. On the contrary, now the Russian repressive machine that has the necessary experience. Then they learned to use video cameras, face recognition, photos and videos taken by the protesters.

Now, however, the repressive bodies armed with new equipment and a great experience. It certainly allows for a few hours in coordination with civil authorities to select an appropriate number of “guilty of organizing mass disorders”, which are then obedient courts will be closed for a few years, as it was with the defendants in the “Bolotnaya case”.

Of course, this is not 1937, which is overly pretentious moaning of the opposition. History never repeats itself. But at its basis it is possible to make some General conclusions. And one of them is simple – the flywheel of repression, if it is already running, regardless of the scale, almost impossible to stop, unless there is political will from the top leadership of the country. The government is clearly determined to press on.

Victims of feral violence

What is happening is not only political in nature. This is a reflection of inner processes taking place in the depths of the Russian authorities, who took the principled position of the rapist. The notorious problem with the decriminalization of domestic violence, incidentally, is also a reflection of this same logic.

The abuser always blame the victim. Too short skirt she’s wearing or not on time on Tverskaya street came out. Thus, in modern psychology it is not recommended to carry on with the rapist negotiations, and proved that the example of Mikhail Svetov, who was arrested at the exit of the city hall while trying to negotiate the new venue of the protest action on August 3. So the victim has only two options – fight or flight. And it is necessary to understand the Russian opposition.

Комментарий: Российские власти шьют оппозиции новое "болотное дело"

Комментарий: Российские власти шьют оппозиции новое "болотное дело"