Review: the Scandal Dolgopolov – an attempt to drive the humor in frame

Комментарий: Скандал вокруг Долгополова - попытка загнать юмор в рамки

The scandal surrounding comedian Alexander Dolgopolov is a signal for all people who make jokes about Putin and politics. He shows that in Russia the days of free humor are, says Alexander Plyuschev.

The scandal with comedian Alexander Dolgopolov – the most notorious case related to insult of feelings of believers since help Ruslan Sokolovsky and Ilya Maddison. Given their very sad experience just three years ago, the decision Dolgopolov for some time to leave the country does not seem excessive reassurance. The more that the feelings of believers can easily be just a pretext.

Reason for leaving Dolgopolov

It would probably not be so bad if all the banal denunciation vigilant citizen, which gave the course. They say that’s how it works: once there is a complaint, it is necessary to examine, test, understand. Similar cases also happened, including with colleagues Alexander Dolgopolov. Denunciations, inspection, scandals in the media, but after some time everything calmed down and ended in nothing. It might be here, but Dolgopolov gave the maximum sound occurred, and, in the end, left Russia.

And it is, like it or not, we have to take into consideration: departure, even briefly and even with the available financial possibilities – it’s not the most pleasant, it is not so easy to decide, and therefore the necessary Foundation. Especially if your earnings is directly linked with Russia, where you have the audience, concerts, tickets, and revenues. One may consider the vanity and the desire to further promote the motivation of such actions, but in fact, the image of the persecuted in Russia today does not bring big dividends. There many earned their scandals the same Sokolowski and Madison?

Attempt to drive in the frame

Stand – up is often pretty tough humor, incomparable not only with the comb the WHC, where a parody of Putin is possible only in case if he is the most intelligent and witty character, but with the Comedy Club, who always eschewed politics, but a no-no, and bites. However, mostly top officials, and, say, the whole situation, but we have, outside of Federal television channels, no restrictions.

Stand – up is a kind of Internet ten years ago, which from time to time just not paying attention. But the history of the Internet, we know that such freedom tends to end quickly. Moreover, it occurs faster the more there is a growing influence on social and political life.

We may now observe how put frame sandau. Pro-government bloggers themselves, and not hide the fact that Dolgopolova “flew” not for believers, but because of hard jokes in the address of Vladimir Putin, which featured not only himself but also the people with whom it associates a rumor, for example, Alina Kabaeva. And if Vladimir Putin, though customarily not naming names, says the statement on Instagram the former host of “House-2” Alena Vodonaevoy, why would he not know how it is now joke sandpapery.

Red line for stand –

Like the Internet, stand – up territory of the young. Those whose Bible is “Rick and Morty, whose leader – Yuri Dude, not Vladimir Putin. The conversation with this generation the government fails catastrophically, it is trying to create for them some regular party bundles throws in jail. Doesn’t really matter whether the case with Dolgopolov special operation to tame him, specifically, he, too, becomes part of this muddled conversation. And even if it were not for this pronounced, those who still do not understand, will understand jokes about Putin need at least careful.

Alexander Dolgopolov is not the only one who uses tough political humor, but come not to all. But such selectivity is not surprising: we observe her in all the sensitive areas of the authorities. The system does not seek to punish totally, but quite a few examples to set the check boxes for which in its opinion are not allowed.

The law in such cases is not used as a limiter, but as an opportunity to punish because it is not spelled out. Here, for example, Yegor Zhukov received a conditional sentence only for the fact that he was politically active, and even after police discovered the error, it is not released on all four sides, and exemplary punished though maybe not as tough as I would like.

No one can guarantee

The current law of administrative proceedings for insulting the authorities against stand-up comedian can really only add to his popularity. Art and fashion, and the punishment is small, which will only lead to the fact that the audience will go to watch the videos with all this “insults”, and from those who want to visit the live concert will not rebound. It’s another thing religious feelings of looming prosecution, the public is fed up with such themes, and repression is difficult to call: it’s not the authorities are, and vulnerable believers!

No one in 2020, the year can not vouch for the fact that the denunciation of a disturbed person, who did not like someone’s statement, does not turn into a criminal case. No one can vouch for the fact that the involved consequence of experts not give the most absurd conclusions. No one can vouch for the fact that such a process will end with a fine or even probation. This is the main and very unpleasant conclusion from the discussion happening around Alexander Dolgopolov. And I hardly have the right to condemn his decision to sit out of the border until things settle down. Even if afraid, in fact, and nothing special.

Комментарий: Скандал вокруг Долгополова - попытка загнать юмор в рамки

Комментарий: Скандал вокруг Долгополова - попытка загнать юмор в рамки