Review: the verdict in the case “Network” – a huge time, to intimidate

Комментарий: Приговор по делу "Сети" - огромные сроки, чтобы запугать

The harsh verdict on the “Network” says that the government is not going to restrict the security forces, and to intimidate both the opposition and ordinary people, said Fyodor Krasheninnikov.

10 Feb 2020 Privolzhsky district military court found seven defendants in the so-called “Network” guilty and has appointed punishment – 18, 16, 14,13, 10, 9 and 6 years in prison. The timing is such that, without knowing anything about fact, you would think that judging a gang of fanatics, to keep at Bay the quiet Penza, and leaving behind a mountain of corpses. But actually in Penza condemned seven young activists, none of whom have pleaded not guilty to that created a terrorist organization, was in her and were planning terrorist acts to seize power in Russia.

It is impossible not to recall that no terrorist acts and attempts to seize power in Penza was not, that is the sentence for intent and participation in the creation and activities of the organization, the existence of which is known only from the case.

Kafkaesque tragedy

The seizure of power in Russia by a group of young guys from Penza? The terrible terrorist organization consists of two cells and dozens of supporters?

If not for a long time and the whole background of the case “Network” with stories of torture, threats and humiliation, not only of the accused but the witnesses, all this would have sounded like the plot for an absurd Comedy. In 2010, the years in the provincial city of several young people decide to create a terrorist organization and to seize power in the country. By 2017, they manage to find a dozen like-minded people, and Russia already almost in their hands, but there is eavesdropping their conversation intelligence officer hospitalitynet because of the constant laughter cramps, and his colleagues asked young anarchists to be human and to visit the sufferer in the hospital.

But instead of this stupid Comedy turns tragedy with a Kafkaesque plot: security officers from the provincial town decided to curry favor with the authorities, torture and making threats tucked under the arm of young activists to confess to the creation of a terrorist organization. And more attention to all these wild stories were involved, the closer meshed the ranks of people in uniform, now from Penza to the Kremlin. Closed up, not to surrender, no retreat, curb and Doge – contrary to the absurdity of what is happening, despite the evidence of torture and attempts of the public to stop this process. And the verdict – like a bucket of cold water: for the imperfect and, in principle, impossible crimes – real time, with their duration resembling sentences of the Stalin era.

Putin understood

The verdict was so harsh that surprised even seasoned observers. In the end, why now, in February 2020, was for this sentence? Surely amid all this bustle with the Constitution and ritual of reviewing high-profile cases of the recent past (the works of Konstantin Kotova and Ivan Golunova) the Kremlin is so important to plant Dmitry Pchelintseva for 18 years? Who are these young people, and why they were so punished? Maybe it’s really the initiative of the Penza FSB and it was a terrible mistake?

However, immediately after the verdict, TASS has extended the message in which Dmitry Peskov said that Vladimir Putin “has repeatedly dealt with the situation.” So if anyone was hope that the Penza business “Network” is a typical “break field”, that is a shame as it is quite a conscious, coordinated at all levels of decision power, which is not going to be ashamed of and the President himself.

Wood and splinters – case “Network”

Out of business “Networking” can make two conclusions, which, although not new and not original, but nevertheless frightening. First, Putin did not intend to restrict the security forces, and especially to punish them for their excessive zeal in eliminating real or perceived sedition.

“Chop wood – chips fly” – how many bad in the history of Russia was justified by this phrase! And in this case it explains everything: Yes, these specific Penza anarchists and anti-fascists is not prepared for these attacks and could not seize power, but suddenly some other guys elsewhere have to cook, can, and the FSB will slip up and blow it in their cooking, afraid to embarrass?

Secondly, the Russian citizen has consistently intimidated. On the one hand, dissatisfied with the authorities make it clear that the next time the burrs can get any of them or their loved ones – and sit down for conversations for many years after the torture and abuse. On the other hand, the common people to instill the idea that all the opposition boys and girls is not as simple as it seems, and actually prepare terrorist acts, revolution, and independence – something there was, that they were sentenced to such terms, because there is no smoke without fire!

In short, the logic of the Kremlin, a few young lives break not even vain, but rather with great benefit.

Комментарий: Приговор по делу "Сети" - огромные сроки, чтобы запугать

Комментарий: Приговор по делу "Сети" - огромные сроки, чтобы запугать