Review: the Wealth in Russia is evidence

Комментарий: Богатство в России становится уликой

The fact of the possession of wealth in Russia has supplanted the question of the legality of its receipt. Nothing good this trend does not promise – and to “demand from burzhuinov” walk for long, says Alexander plushev.

Nice, I would have used to warn the reader about a possible conflict of interest. As Vladimir Soloviev – my direct competitor, leads to public radio like the conversational format of the morning show. And even though the investigation against him was the reason for this column, I hardly find words to condemn the fact that one of the main promoters of the country was very rich. More precisely, even more rich than expected.

And that’s just a fact rather quickly acquired an impressive status, is increasingly becoming a subject of discussion and condemnation. And, above all, among the public, which for many years declared that if the money is not earned was a criminal way, and to talk about. The public, which the oligarchs of the nineties was considered, shall we say, acceptable honest business, and any questions about the redistribution of property contemptuously called “the left agenda”.

“New Russian” with all their shortcomings was seen as a much lesser evil than the now dormant slogan “take away and divide”. The oligarch has recently been consolidated by the candidate of the liberal intelligentsia in the presidency, which is already there.

Elite and non – elite

Reasoning that all great fortunes are cashing in by criminal means, has long been characteristic of the people of the left belief. “Left turn”, about the inevitability and even desirability of which a convicted oligarch Mikhail Khodorkovsky wrote in 2005, in late 2010’s and is not going to be completed, the country is more tangible blows to the left. Khodorkovsky logically worried about the problem of the relationship of business and population, but now the dividing line lies between “elite – not-elite”, the business has become part of the elite, and quite small.

Now entrepreneurs become elite thanks to the success in business, but on the contrary, success in business is almost always started to accompany those who by birth, by marriage or just to meet you was in the right environment, in the correct stratum. More precisely, in the right layer, and only two of them: a thin giant elite and non-elite.

More recently, a successful member of the middle class could be considered top TV stars may not equal, but comparable to yourself on welfare, well, not middle, upper middle. While a growing economy the beginning of the Millennium has provided enthusiastic and creative opportunities to earn, they had no time to pay attention to the fact that “feeding” near the state of money move much faster.

The notorious billion

Today between them – the Gulf and the middle class, partly including not sitting on gostinicah business, much closer to poor than to this new elite. Which consists not only of those who managed to reach the level of wealth, even 15-20 years ago were considered unattainable, because of his business abilities. The famous phrase oligarch Polonsky, “who does not Have a billion, can go in there…”, he uttered in 2008, is now, perhaps, even more relevant than 10 years ago. This notorious billion, even fairly “eaten” by inflation and devaluation, became a kind of line of demarcation.

Billions of dollars (though not dollar, and rouble only) – now is not the lot of several hundred businessmen. First publicly presented a billion-dollar “non-profit” status have become treasures arrested in 2016 Colonel Zakharchenko. And events are developing rapidly: two years ago, it shocked, a year ago – has become commonplace for the criminal chronicle, and now moved into the secular chronicle.

New ” burzhuiny “

The head of “Mail of Russia” Nikolay Podguzov, head of the state Corporation VNESHECONOMBANK Igor Shuvalov, relatives of the Vice-mayor of Moscow Pyotr Biryukov, Tula Governor Alexey Dyumin, the head of “Rosneft” Igor Sechin (though in his case, few surprised) – these people are mentioned in the publications of the last few months as purchasers or owners of property worth at least a billion rubles. Against the background of the presenter, even the most effective propaganda looks with his second of the Villa (and even Moscow and the Moscow region real estate) are not as bright but still impressive.

The question “Where? Not on TV as much pay?” interested the audience less and less. The mere presence of such huge money pushed from the agenda the question of the legality of their receipt. Corruption schemes, money laundering, bribes, kickbacks and other ways of enrichment of faded into the background, and at first went expensive watches, cars, apartments and villas.

Common place even in the most respectful of private property circles gradually is that any significant status in modern conditions it is impossible to buy anything in an honest way, and because in itself, the richness in the perception of the non-elite from poverty to the creative class becomes the evidence.

The pace and to demand “burzhuinov” close. The current atmosphere with its charge of class hatred is painfully reminiscent of the way in my Soviet school, described the revolution of 1917. Nothing good about it, especially given the, to put it mildly, modest economic performance and prospects. We know that in such a situation, the poor are getting poorer and the rich richer. This means that those wishing to take and share will be more, even if many of them remember that usually nothing good like ends.

The review expresses the personal opinion of the author. It may not coincide with the opinion of the Russian edition of Deutsche Welle and as a whole.

Комментарий: Богатство в России становится уликой

Комментарий: Богатство в России становится уликой