Review: what is not said Merkel at Harvard

Комментарий: О чем не сказала Меркель в Гарварде

Speaking at Harvard University, Merkel has clearly indicated that it is unacceptable for the views of trump. But the most interesting thing about what she was silent, says Michael Knigge.

The speech of German Chancellor Angela Merkel (Angela Merkel) to the graduates of Harvard University had a very good time. It allowed her, at least for a few hours to disconnect from the political chaos in Germany. This chaos was caused by the unsatisfactory result of the parties entering into the Merkel-led government coalition in the recent elections to the European Parliament.

Even more important was that Merkel received the opportunity to perform in the United States at a turning point in transatlantic relations, serious complicated after joining Donald trump for President of the United States. And the fact that the Chancellor was not in the capital Washington and in Boston, at a leading University in the country, which has close and historical ties with Germany, contributed to the fact that the speech sound more personal note.

No trump did not stop his presence

Favorable was the fact that Merkel’s visit to Boston did not include a meeting with the President of the United States. This would make her trip a completely different color. And the speech at Harvard would have gone by the wayside. In addition, two of the recent visit of the German Chancellor to the White house without tangible political results and not changed the atmosphere in relations between the two leaders.

But even without the bilateral meeting, and without the slightest mention of the name trump, the American President, significantly present in the speech of Merkel.

“Not zamaskirovalis lie under the truth, and the truth under the lie.”

“Tear down the walls of ignorance and limited thinking.”

The obvious rejection of the “transma” and those phrases in which Merkel is slightly lifted the veil over his personal life, became one of the most strong places in her speech. “Every day I had at the last minute to give up freedom,” said the Chancellor, speaking about how in her youth, she walked along the Berlin wall in East Berlin, but was unable to get to the other side.

But the most interesting was what Merkel was silent in his speech.

What is the future of the transatlantic partnership?

Appreciating values-based transatlantic partnership, more than 70 years has been benefiting and Germany, and the United States, Merkel did not give any oath or forecast that it will continue the next 70 years. In her speech, she also did not mention the Alliance, became the object of regular attacks trump.

It is also significant that, speaking at a place like Harvard, Merkel refrained from making direct promises to fight for the transatlantic partnership. It is not excluded that the key phrase of her speech – “Nothing remains the same” – from the point of view, Merkel could also apply to the transatlantic partnership.

No less important was sincere and her statement that mankind is able to solve serious global problems, defeating global warming, hunger and disease. It was in the spirit of traditional statements of the German Chancellor: “We will cope”. A concrete plan of action Merkel, however, is not provided. But this is not to be expected from a speech to graduates of the University.

It is noteworthy, however, that, despite the global themes that permeate her speech, the only specific promise Merkel has been done on the national level: Germany, assured the Chancellor will do everything possible to 2050 to achieve climate neutrality and to stop the negative impact on the climate.

Комментарий: О чем не сказала Меркель в Гарварде

Комментарий: О чем не сказала Меркель в Гарварде