Review: whether Milan Games-2026 to revive the Olympic spirit?

Комментарий: Удастся ли миланским Играм-2026 возродить олимпийский дух?

Milan against Stockholm won the right to host the winter Olympics in 2026. But the winner is not always necessary to envy, says Stefan Nestler. The IOC is paying for the megalomania of the previous Games.

First of all, congratulations, Milan! It is the first major city in the North of Italy will host the winter Olympic games. Although from the Milan Matches-2026 will go in the first place, a resounding name, as most of the competition will take place in places whose names are associated with the stages of the world Cups in winter sports, Cortina d’ampezzo, Bormio, Val di Fiemme. Cortina d’ampezzo will have to experience a kind of deja vu: in 1956, this resort has already taken – then alone – the winter Olympics.

In the “Olympic hopping” makes no sense

Way to compete at the Milan Games will be a long one: hardly anyone of the people of Milan will decide spontaneously to go and breathe the Olympic air in one of the outlying towns to the North of the country, where will the draw take place many medals. The road from Milan to Cortina d’ampezzo by car takes almost five hours to get to Val di Fiemme will have a good three and a half hours to Bormio – three. And the Cortina from Bormio separated by almost four and a half hours.

“Olympic hopping” in this case does not make much sense, so that the conditions for the birth of Milan, the Olympic spirit is not so much. The inhabitants of Italy more than deserved.

83 percent of them, according to the International Olympic Committee (IOC), was made for the holding of the Olympic games – which apparently eventually outweighed the bowl in favor of Milan. For that winter Olympic games in 2026 was adopted in Stockholm, was only 55 percent of the population of Sweden.

IOC: Games important rational preparation and a small budget

The international Olympic Committee is definitely moving in this direction: all countries interested in hosting the Olympics, was encouraged to promote the Olympic concept and fill them with real content. The IOC has also distanced himself from megalomania of past winter Games.

Now more attention is paid to the principle of rationality: 80 percent of Olympic sports facilities in the North of Italy already exist or, if they have to build, they can be again dismantled. For the Olympic games Milan plans to allocate about 1.3 billion euros is 75 percent below the Olympic budget of Beijing for the Games in 2022.

The relevance of the winter Olympics?

The fact that this time, as in the case with the fight between Beijing and Almaty to host the winter Games in 2022, in the last round left only two candidates, raises a fundamental question: and any more relevant to the winter Olympics? Almost all other countries-applicants withdrew their application after residents made it clear they do not want any winter Games. Even if they corresponded to the spirit of the time, they need hardly be explained.

Currently, the IOC is paying for the megalomania of the previous Olympic games – despite the fact that the IOC and its head, Thomas Bach (Thomas Bach) have long advocated for the rejection of this idea. We urgently need the same inspiring winter Olympics as in Lillehammer in 1994, when Olympic spark flared even in the hearts of people far from winter sports. It is unlikely that this will happen at the Games in Beijing. The higher the bar needs to take Milan. So – congratulations!

Комментарий: Удастся ли миланским Играм-2026 возродить олимпийский дух?

Комментарий: Удастся ли миланским Играм-2026 возродить олимпийский дух?