Review: whether or not to trust the call of the trump to compromise?

Комментарий: Следует ли доверять призыву Трампа к компромиссу?

Speaking with a message to the nation in the U.S. Congress, the President, the trump called for compromise and agreement. But the problem is that trump is the last person ready for it, says DW columnist.

As in the two previous speeches to Congress, the US President Donald trump on 5 February 2019 I read the speech on paper. As a result, the tramp said what can be called a very traditional presidential address “On the situation in the country” – instead of the typical stream of consciousness that usually characterizes his speech.

But the Congress has changed: after the midterm elections of 2018, Democrats won a majority of seats in the House of representatives, but Republicans in the Senate. So, during his first speech before a divided Congress trump insulted or ridiculed anyone, never threatened invasion of other countries and not even declared a state of emergency in the area of national security, promised to build a wall along the border with Mexico. He even did not say its slogans “let’s Make America great again” and “America first”.

Instead it trump essentially was one big call to overcome the conflict between the parties in order to achieve national unity. Although trump wouldn’t be trump if the calls for reconciliation nor would insert a few passages about illegal immigrants, the suppression of Iran and the need for NATO partners to increase military budget.

Trump’s words disagree with the action

Trump has called on Congress to get out of the “political deadlock”, “overcome old divisions”, “healing old wounds” and “embrace the spirit of compromise and cooperation”. Only together, says the President in front of Congress, America could put an end to the deep divisions that rent her apart. Only together America will be able to solve long-standing problem afflicting millions of Americans – such as lack of access to affordable health care lack of jobs with decent pay.

Imagine trump rights. He’s right that only cooperation and compromise can overcome political differences in the country. He is right that a lasting solution to such problems as deteriorating infrastructure of America, expensive and inaccessible health care, the United States immigration system can only be achieved through mutual action and compromise.

The problem is that trump, as the results of its activities, – the last person who is interested in real compromise and who is able to achieve it. If there’s one thing the world has learned over two years of stay in trump’s position is an understanding that trump hates, and the balance of interests and compromises between the two parties. In fact, he has done for the division of the country more than any of his recent predecessors.

The principle trump – “there are two opinions, mine and wrong”

Shortly before this speech the New York Times reported that trump has arranged a private lunch for the television presenters, during which the sharply, turning to the person, spoke to some Democrats, Chuck Schumer, Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren. This is hardly the way to achieve bipartisan harmony.

Or here’s another example of trump’s unwillingness to compromise, which took place just a few weeks ago. Trying to force Democrats to Finance their “most beautiful wall”, trump has provoked the most prolonged “shutdown” in U.S. history, regardless of the consequences that his uncompromising stance was for millions of Americans.

Trump was always this approach – “there are two opinions, mine and wrong” – and when he was engaged in the construction, and when he became President. Trump has repeatedly said that for him the most important thing – victory at any cost.

Compromise only until the next tweet

Needless to say, the words spoken by trump during his speech in Congress, contributed to the inter-party cooperation, unity and compromise. Speechwriters trump produced several clever heartfelt “bipartisan” passages. For example, the President drew attention to the fact that the new composition of Congress more women than ever before. As a result, some observers will probably come to the conclusion that trump finally sounded presidential, and that, perhaps, this speech could be a turning point in his tenure.

Hope never dies. But let’s not again get involved in one formal speech. It follows from all that we learned about the current occupant of the White house still, the words spoken during calls, do not reveal this trump. The real trump is revealed daily in their tweets and in their actions, not twice a year in the bombastic “coiffed” speeches. So it may happen that the call for bipartisan cooperation and compromise will be valid only until the next presidential tweet.

The review expresses the personal opinion of the author. It may not coincide with the opinion of the Russian edition of Deutsche Welle and as a whole.

Комментарий: Следует ли доверять призыву Трампа к компромиссу?

Комментарий: Следует ли доверять призыву Трампа к компромиссу?