“Revived” patient refused to release from the morgue

"Ожившего" пациента отказались выпускать из морга

In Colombia living patient was sent to the morgue and didn’t want him to be let out. The incident was reported by the Daily Mirror.

A resident of the Colombian city of Sincelejo 67-year-old Juan Jose Munoz Romero was admitted to hospital with high blood pressure. A few hours after arrival to the hospital, the family said that the man died.

In connection with the pandemic COVID-19 relatives refused to give the body of the deceased. The daughter of Romero snuck into the morgue and found that her father came to.

The woman tried to take him home, but the staff of the morgue assured new York that the man is dead. And the signs of consciousness that she allegedly noticed is a physiological reaction observed after death.

Daughter was able to pick up my father, he is now undergoing treatment at another hospital. According to the woman, due to the stay in the morgue, he developed ischemia.