“Revolution of love”

"Революция любви"

Knarik Khachatryan

The unique voice of Lana Del Rey captured on Friday hearts of the participants of the 26th Sziget festival (Sziget) in Budapest.

And on the eve on the stage reigned Damon Albarn and his virtual band Gorillaz. Colorful musical show was applauded by 70 thousand spectators. On Wednesday the performances of the other stars of American rapper Kendrick Lamar they had to wait for almost an hour, but the performance exceeded all expectations.

“Sziget” in Hungarian means “island”. This annual festival of music, culture and art, one of the largest in Europe, takes place on the island of óbuda in the middle of the Danube. Last year it was visited by about 500 thousand people from 100 countries.

Tamas Kadar, Executive Director of the festival, says:

“We believe that people coming to us, always communicate openly, without prejudices and stereotypes. This is what calls the festival “Sziget”.

In the center of Budapest is called here the “Island of Freedom”. Events at the festival start here early in the morning. “Sziget” is not only concerts, but also seminars and lectures, workshops and exhibitions, the football matches and Board games. Many come here with children.

In addition to the main stage with multiple screens, where are the stars, there are also areas smaller. The festival is welcomed by any music, any styles, from alternative rock to dubstep, from classical to soul and disco.

“The motto of the festival “Sziget”- “Revolution of love”. Organizers say that this is nothing new, because the core values – such as the importance of dialogue, understanding each other, tolerance is exactly what the “Sziget” preaching for a quarter-century since its birth,” reports from Budapest euronews correspondent Daniel bozsik.

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