Reznikov, Russia spends on the war in the Donbass five billion dollars a year

Резников: Россия тратит на войну в Донбассе пяти миллиардов долларов в год

According to estimates by Deputy Prime Minister – Minister for reintegration of the temporarily occupied territories Alexey Reznikova, Moscow spends on the war in the Donbass about $ 5 billion a year.

He stated this in an interview

The Deputy Prime Minister believes that Russia agreed to a comprehensive truce that the war continues for six years and is costly, including to support illegal armed groups.

“The question remains: how much more of Russia to Finance the war in the Donbass, given the economic and political situation in Russia. According to my calculations, Moscow is spending $ 5 billion a year, ” he explained.

In addition to military spending, Russia still pays the salary of so-called public sector in the temporarily occupied territories.

“They hold the public sector in Libya or Syria? No. They don’t pay anybody wages. And in the Donbass it happens, that’s why the Kremlin has to explain to their taxpayers why they contain several million foreign nationals. And some of these citizens, in turn, expect already to use the national wealth, which in times of crisis was not enough, ” – said Alexey Reznikov.

He also added that the failure of commitments provides for Russia sanctions.

We will remind that on July 22 the Tripartite contact group agreed about the mode of complete ceasefire in the Donbas from 00:01 July 27. The military claimed that the preparation for this event is unprecedented. Every Ukrainian positions will be additional control over the cease-fire. It will implement specially sent Ukrainian troops.

The cease-fire is in, particularly the ban on offensive reconnaissance and sabotage actions, as well as on the use of all types of aircraft; a ban on fire, including sniper. During the briefing on 27 July, the commander of the Operation unified forces Vladimir Kravchenko said that the occupation forces violated the ceasefire in 20 minutes after installing it.

Since the beginning of the TAG specified in the Donbas “full and comprehensive ceasefire” between 00:01 on 27 July to the end of the day in the area of operations of the combined forces there were two attacks and one provocation.