RGK: the Staff of GDS Operators provided protection and a guaranteed wage

РГК: Персонал Операторов ГРС обеспечен средствами защиты и гарантированной оплатой труда

A third of the employees of gas distribution companies in carrying out their responsibilities for the smooth delivery of gas directly exposed to risks in connection with the epidemic COVID19, will receive a salary increase. Given the increased risk these professionals provided personal protection and disinfection.

Every day 10 thousand specialists of distribution companies go on emergency calls, and rectification of gas leaks, and perform emergency and planned repairs, for stable gas supply of more than 8 million gas consumers, hospitals and government agencies. To minimise the risk to health of employees is provided by:

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  • more than 270 million units of personal protective equipment (masks, goggles, gloves, and so on)
  • more than 9.2 thousand protective suits
  • 1.3 thousand units of diagnostic equipment

Organized daily medical examination specialists. Conducted a comprehensive disinfection as jobs, machines, and vehicles in accordance with the recommendations of the Ministry of health. All employees of operational services, taking into account the increased risk during the period of quarantine, beyond the normal wage will receive bonuses in the first place it concerns the staff of ADS and crews during emergency repairs.

Also, for compliance for a period of quarantine security measures 10 thousand employees of the distribution companies of the group RGK translated mode of forced idle. This primarily supervisors and other professionals who can’t do their job remotely and concerned with direct contact with customers. All employees in this category shall be paid 2/3 of the salary, in compliance with the rules of the Code of labour laws of Ukraine. Conventional terms of payment will start immediately after staff commence their duties.

Other experts distribution companies operate in the “remote web workplace”. This allows you to provide remote services to customers, and operational activities of enterprises. The RGC group of companies pays such employees the guaranteed part of wages in full size.


The regional Gas Company – service company that provides services for financial, legal, technological consulting to improve service standards. Customers include gas suppliers in 16 regions of the country, as well as 19 distribution companies, on the service which is more than 250 thousand km of gas pipelines and 8 million customers.

РГК: Персонал Операторов ГРС обеспечен средствами защиты и гарантированной оплатой труда