Рhotokina in Cologne: photo – center of communications in modern society

Рhotokina в Кёльне: фотография - центр коммуникаций в современном обществе

Elena Karaeva

Cologne Рhotokina – a Paradise for professional film and video industry, and just as Paradise is for those for whom these activities remain a hobby. Success is more than weight. And at least the weight of the segment of the market. Daily in social media, particularly Facebook publishes 350 million photographs, almost a hundred million in Instagram, in the lead, however, the application WhatsApp is a billion and a half photos, four times less than the published through Snapchat.

Evaluation Rainer Furuta of the European Association of manufacturers of photographic equipment: “young people Today grow to having a very different environment, and we cannot fail to recognize in this report. Photography became something absolutely routine, it accompanies us every day, every hour. The picture is almost the main theme of communication in social media, and, moreover, the traditional press is also affected. Our system of the world perception depends on what we see, in what sequence, how often.”

And, of course, changes in life style and communication could not lead to changes in the industry.

Noted that traditional film devices are gradually losing ground, becoming commodities only for professionals and very self-confident lovers. “Figure” in all the types of attacks the previous manner of doing the photos, and the speed with which is shooting.

Here’s how it commented John official’s Board shows from “EXOLENS”: “Everyone who has a smartphone standard quality, it can take quite acceptable images. Today, with such devices it is possible to make a film, you can produce video clips that we almost can’t tell the difference in image quality – such is the progress that has managed to “ride” the producers”.

The second significant factor is the cameras and camcorders are becoming more sophisticated set of functions, but more compact. The limit of options is limited only by the imagination of the one who puts the production on stream, the latest know-how are patented like mushrooms after rain.
About cameras, or video recorders that shoot constantly, and can be at any time withdrawn live traditional media and social media – Isabel Pakowski representing the Go Pro.

“Our products have an important advantage in contrast to traditional cameras. First, it is always compact. Second, it is waterproof and very durable. You can embark on any adventure, being fully confident that the camera will never let you down.

And this is a new development on the joy of those who live in the advantage of two worlds: virtual and real. Futuristic products that seemed to have taken place in museums sentimental memories.

And another novelty: when something is almost lost under the onslaught of figures the camera Polaroid that made instant photos, is back, updated and fit for life.

At Photokina this year was attended by nearly 1,000 companies and corporations from more than forty countries.

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