Richard Martel elected hands down

Former hockey coach Richard Martel won the by-election in Chicoutimi-Le Fjord under the banner of the Conservative Party of Canada (CPC) on Monday night. He became the federal MP for the constituency after winning 52.7 percent of the vote, according to Elections Canada results consulted before going to press.
S next closest rival, Lina Boivin of the Liberal Party of Canada (PLC) won 29.6 per cent of the vote, while New Democrat Eric Dubois won 8.7 per cent. of popular favor. Bloc Québécois (BQ) and Green Party (PV) members Catherine Bouchard-Tremblay and Lynda Youde garnered 5.6 and 3.1 percent of the vote, respectively.

Launched late in May by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, the partial was made necessary by the resignation of Liberal Denis Lemieux in November 2017, mid-term.

It was time for a party at L’Usine in La Voie Maltée, on Talbot Boulevard, where Richard Martel’s clan gathered to witness the unveiling of the election night’s results at 8 pm. Shortly after 9:30 pm, when the counting of the first ballot boxes already put him in the lead, Richard Martel was declared the winner by the former Bloc deputy Roberval, Michel Gauthier, who recently gave him his support. The former Bloc Québécois House leader had just delivered a fiery speech, during which he praised the merits of his new party, praised his leader, Andrew Scheer, and praised him. candidate Martel. The principal entered the room a few minutes later with all the confidence that made his mark behind the bench,

It must be said that his supporters expected to see their candidate crowned, he who was placed at the top of the list by a poll conducted for the Daily and Radio-Canada last week. The probe gave him 36 percent of the voting intentions, far ahead of Lina Boivin, who got around 20 percent of the vote.

Richard Martel, who was the head coach of the Chicoutimi Saguenéens in the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League, then the Jonquière Marquess of the North American Hockey League, was already leaving with the not insignificant advantage of being a public figure. In addition, the Conservative announced his candidacy under the Conservative banner in December, which allowed him to lead a long and tenacious campaign in the field. Lina Boivin, from the business world and less known to the population of Chicoutimi-Le Fjord, for its part posted its colors on May 7, just two weeks before the election call. Justin Trudeau’s two visits to the region have not been enough to get her elected.

“Do not worry, I will deliver the goods. I fed each step on the back. The riding is big and I thank my team, people of heart, who supported me throughout my campaign. […] I will be eternally grateful to all those who pushed me to surpass myself. Today, it’s one of the highest honors I’ve ever been given. It beats any emotion I’ve experienced before. I had one idea in my head and it was to serve people. They gave me so much. I am ready to give back. There is nothing warmer than that, “said the MP, which caused quite a stir among his allies.

The man whom many dubbed King Richard, in connection with his most successful QMJHL coach title, warmly thanked his wife, Annie, and his family members. He also expressed his gratitude to the lieutenant of the Conservative Party in Quebec, the member for Richmond-Arthabaska, Alain Rayes, who was present Monday evening. The member for Beauport-Limoilou, Alupa Clarke, also wished to live this moment with the one who will soon be sitting with him in the House of Commons.

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