Ridiculous car accident involving two Lamborghini Aventador (VIDEO)

Нелепое ДТП с участием двух Lamborghini Aventador (ВИДЕО)

Singapore “riders” added the work of service centers of the Italian brand.

Stewing in my four walls, trying to outwit the wily virus is quite unbearable. And when in your garage gathering dust 740-horsepower supercar is doubly unbearable. That was the thinking of two guys from Singapore, odumase to ride through the deserted streets. The result – in the photo above.

According to witnesses, two yellow supercar Lamborghini Aventador’s mimic of an articulated Ikarus 280 extremely ironic way: one of the cars stopped at a red light, the other not so much. Immediately after the embarrassment the participants of the accident hurried to wring a cars registration number.

Later in the Internet appeared the recording from the DVR, which is clearly seen as one of the participants in the incident drove on forbidding signal of the traffic light. In General, karmic and instructive the story. And I’m really sorry.