Rights of passengers on the railway – what you need to know

Права пассажиров на железной дороге - что нужно знать

They are entitled to, if the car was injured

The decision, written in 1996, the amount for which the insured is a passenger railroad is 102 thousand UAH. But this benefit is provided only if something happened with the train and the person is injured because of the accident. Under other circumstances, he can only try to compensate for treatment – 200 UAH per day of hospital. For example, if you blew in the car, take the time to fix the source of the disease on photo or video, and then attach it with your travel ticket and go to the “Ukrzaliznytsya” with a request for compensation of expenses for treatment. For payment you can forward to the insurance. Her name is always printed on the ticket. So when you exit the train take a ticket from the conductor – this is your alibi for the insurance.

In some cases, you can break stop-the crane

To stop the train using an emergency brake is only entitled to the team composition, provided that threats human life. For example, when the conductor saw someone on the go, no time to train, trying to cling to the handrails and get into the car. In each case a stop is drawn up indicating the reason and time stamp.

While nowhere in the rules does not indicate that a normal passenger is not entitled to such action. Accordingly, if a good citizen sees this kind of situation, he may try to prevent it, using the brake. But you need to be prepared then to explain the motive of their actions. Otherwise you may be fined for disorderly conduct.

What to do if you do not have time to buy a ticket and need to go urgently

You can Board the train, of course, if there are empty seats and no ticket. This possibility is granted only in rare cases (for participants of the ATO EN route to the field of accounting or dislocations as well as for passengers travelling to the funeral at the telegram), and only with the permission of the head of the train (he, in turn, have to coordinate with senior management) – it can be found in the car, and this number is indicated near each compartment of the conductor. Passengers first place in the staff wagon, where for a time from 30 minutes to one hour he needs to issue a ticket.

Free services at the station

At every railway station or station should be a free toilet for passengers. This is the agreed “Rules of carriage of passengers, baggage, cargo and mail”. Paid restrooms and waiting rooms of high comfort with additional services administration of the station or the station has the right to open only in the presence of free. If a free toilet at the station, no, you owe no money to put into paid, only need to show your ticket (including electronic).

Whether the right not to share the space under the bottom shelf for someone else’s Luggage

Disputes between passengers regarding baggage to be governed by “Rules of carriage of passengers, baggage, cargo and mail”. Hand baggage is allowed to be located at the places specified in your travel documents. Accordingly, those with bottom shelf, I have the right fully to occupy the lower rear place. If the passenger upper shelf Luggage is big and heavy and raise it up is not possible, the dispute should be resolved Explorer.

Is it possible to cancel a trip

The passenger has the right to suspend the trip. That is to go to a station along the route of the train, and in a few days to go on the same route. You need to get on the ticket a special mark on duty on station for four hours after leaving the car. Duty you the ticket will stamp and record the landing. To continue your journey no later than 10 days and with only one station where you disembarked. This should come with the ticket to the cashier and exchange it for a new one – without extra charge for travel, in the car in the same category, but only if there are free places. For reissues you will be asked to pay only the fee in the amount of about 25-35 UAH.

What if one place sold two tickets

The person who first came to the problem place has the right to occupy. The second should offer to take a seat in another compartment or carriage of the relevant class if such is available. Or a class above, but at no additional cost. If a passenger is compelled to travel in lower class, he is issued a new ticket and refunded the difference in cost on arrival at the station.

I have a right to ask the conductor

In the “Rules of carriage of passengers, baggage, cargo and mail” clearly stipulates: “the delivery of bed linen on the bed of a passenger and his gathering 30 minutes before the passenger’s arrival to destination is the responsibility of the conductor” (paragraph 63 of the “Rules”, as amended by Cabinet of Ministers resolution No. 781 dated 30.05.2007 year). So I can safely say that the conductor in response to his request “take the bed.” In addition, the guide should help to make the bed the disabled, the sick, the elderly and passengers with small children.

Even if you don’t buy tea in the car, the conductor can have a glass and a spoon. During the trip passengers around the clock can type boiled hot water tank, and in General cars – ask for drinking water. Passengers are entitled to free use in car power sockets for charging mobile phones and other gadgets, even if the train was still standing at the departure station.

Free Explorer may provide a brush for shoes or clothes, sewing supplies, checkers and chess (but note that objects have not been updated since Soviet times, so their may simply not be available).

If will go all night and you carry the cake or medicines that should be stored at a low temperature, it is possible to ask the handler to use the fridge in his compartment. However, note the use of a microwave, a refrigerator, a shower is an additional paid service. Their value, like all other paid services, which are provided in the car (biscuits, water, tea) must be specified in the price list near the compartment of the conductor. You have the right to ask for a receipt for each service.

During the trip the air conditioning in the compartment is a mandatory service, it is included in the ticket price. If the temperature in the car exceeds the critical point of 26°C, need to write a complaint to the head of the train and demand that was transferred to the car with working AC. It’s completely free. But this is possible only if cool cars there are places.