Rihanna wants to release line of furniture – 24 Channel

Ріанна хоче зайнятись випуском лінійки меблів - 24 Канал

Barbadian singer Rihanna is not only engaged in music and release their own brand of underwear Savage x Fenty, but wants to establish a furniture line. But first, she wants to focus only on the music.

Such unexpected design intent Rihanna said at the annual Diamond ball, which took place on September 14 in new York.

The star admitted that she dreams to engage in the creation of furniture design, but it requires too much time. Therefore, it can not afford such a luxury and now wants to devote himself entirely to music.

“If I have a day planned at least one thing, this day is lost for writing (songs – 24 Channel). I realized that I need to fully focus (on the music 24 Channel), so that. Then I sit down and write. So it will be after September 30. I’ll disappear and I’ll write,” announced a heavy weight artist.

Ріанна хоче зайнятись випуском лінійки меблів - 24 Канал
Rihanna for GARAGE

It is hoped that in the future the fashion industry will see not only the fashion trends from Rihanna on runways and in art galleries and exhibitions.

Recall that on the last day of fashion Week in new York Rihanna made a real Savannah in the streets of Brooklyn. The star presented its new underwear Savage x Fenty, which is a fashion runway model came of different races and body types and even pregnant girls. The stars of the show were Bella and Gigi Hadid.

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